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Olakira releases ‘Wakanda Jollof’

U&I Music’s newest sign-on Olakira has released his first body of work, the ‘Wakanda Jollof’ EP. Adefemi Ebenezer, known by his stage name, Olakira is an Afro-pop and RnB artiste, who produces, composes, writes, sings and plays a wide…

LMO signs Oyinkanade

Lead Music Original (LMO), entertainment has expressed its delight in signing of the Project fame Season 5 superstar, Oyinkanade whose impressive feats include his outstanding performance in the competition and his hit song Adura featuring…

‘I’m happy to be mysterious’

Like or loathe him, controversial socialite and entertainer, Mike Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, does not seem to get tired of throwing up stunts that would either put him in the good or bad books of the people. From going to…

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