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In Ekiti, the law is no longer an ass

“THE law is an ass” is a commonly used expression to convey the frustrations individuals experience with accessing justice. The metaphor of the stubbornness of the ass (donkey) refers to the very rigid application of the law. It has its…

Governor Makinde, this is for you

SIR, congratulations on your victory at the polls. Your success, in a way, was a personal victory for me, as I was one of the many who prayed and worked for it. Your Excellency, your emergence, and that of Mr Raufu Olaniyan, as the governor…

Portrait of a Sickle-cell crisis

“I don’t want to inflict the burden of my Sickle-cell disease on an innocent young bride,” my little brother once told me. However, as an Igbo man, the pressure to carry on the family name ultimately proved too much to withstand.  I’m…

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