I am diabetic, can I fast?

I have been under treatment for the past few months for Diabetes with drugs and diet. I want to know if I can take part in the Ramadan fasting which is to commence in a […]

How often can I donate blood?

My friends and I are interested in donating blood to help humanity and also to make some pocket money. Kindly let me know how often we can donate in a month without causing our bodies […]

My baby has no hole in his ears

I just discovered that the ears of my new born baby have no holes. All he has are the fleshy ear lobes. Although we have been referred to the Teaching Hospital for better care, I […]

Pimples and face cleanser

I am a dark skinned girl. A nurse advised me to use a face cleanser for my pimples. Please, should I use it because I don’t want to bleach away my skin. If not, kindly […]

Can I marry an AS genotype man?

Please, help me doctor. I am deeply in love with a kind-hearted and handsome man. Unfortunately, he has an AS Genotype while I also have the same. My friends told me that if I marry […]

Is this an ectopic pregnancy?

My last pregnancy was an Ectopic Pregnancy which was removed by operation. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. The Ultra sound scan I did showed an ‘intrauterine gestation sac but no foetal pole’. I was […]

My heart problem

I am a 68-year-old retired Civil Servant. I noticed of recent that when I am about to sleep, I will be having some jerky movements of my head and neck with occasional chest pain. My […]

My troublesome cold and catarhh

I just recovered from an attack of Cold and Catarrh about two weeks ago only for me to develop another episode last weekend. This time around, I also have a sore throat in addition to […]

Can I be an egg donor?

I will like to assist barren couples by donating my eggs to them for the purpose of In-vitro Fertilisation. Kindly let me know where I can do this. Shade (by SMS) Yes, just as some […]

My curved penis

I am a 25-year-old apprentice trader. My problem started a few years ago when I noticed that my penis was curved especially when erect. I therefore resorted to traditional medicine for help. Unfortunately things have […]

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