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Do It Yourself

How to get your suit to suit you

EVER heard the Nigerian joke that describes a suit as a coat? This is usually when a suit has no fitting on a guy. Many events – even religious settings – demand the unspoken rule of wearing suits, and it would be a minus for a man not to…

Will you marry me? How to dress well for proposal

WEEKS ago, a video went viral on social media of a marriage proposal gone awry. The guy in question was filmed proposing to a lady assumed to be his girlfriend and she had left the poor chap kneeling, refused to look beyond a few glances at…

How to add the Christmas look

A touch of red, green, white or gold will be the in-thing for many fashionistas as the day breaks into a beautiful Christmas morning tomorrow. With the bold Christmas colours comes a tendency to lean a little towards the bold look. However,…

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