How to deliver a fortunate future

At the moment, I want to pithily, succinctly and briefly show you a very prevailing and powerful principle that has changed my life and that of so many people I know and have read about. And it is a lack of understanding of this life-changing principle that has led to the undoing of many in Nigeria, Africa and across the planet-earth. I am so keyed up—about what I am sharing with you today. I am so sure that your life is about to change forever! Are you ready for what I am having up my sleeve for you? If yes, then let’s go!

To be able to deliver a great future, you’d need to understand the strategic principle of secretly spying it—well ahead of time. The future you do not spy, you cannot deliver it. I am using the word “spy” in a context of seeing and exploring what is yet to happen in the material realm. You cannot deliver the future that you have not seen and explored.  Nothing just happens on its own in life! Over the years, I have met with too far many people—who are just waiting for a day that a great and colorful future would happen on its own without doing anything to make it happen. For the umpteenth time, this is not going to happen.

To possess what has been given to you by God, you would need to spy it before you can make it happen. Remember, so far something has been given to you does not mean you are going to rise to take it. There are too many would-be and potential billionaires who are living in abject poverty, because they are ignorant of the principle I am sharing with you today. Once it enters your heart that you are a would-be millionaire, the next thing you need do is to spy it. It is while you are spying it that you are going to get to find out what it takes to be a billionaire. And after finding out what it takes, you would need to get down working to pay the required price.

It is when we secretly spy the future that we are going to get to know the kind of relationships we are going to need as water to birth it. Everyone is not relevant to your future. Many people do not understand this. About three decades ago, I spied my future and I was able to see the kind of people I would need to deliver the kind of future that God has fashioned for me. Before I stepped into what I am doing today, I saw it many years ago. And I was ready to give it all it takes. The future you cannot see, you cannot fight for it. You only fight for what you can see. Buddy, rise today and spy (explore) your future. Travel to the future in the realm of vision and see beyond what your eyes can see. Until this happens, you’d continue to live a reckless and careless life.

Please understand me that we spy the future well ahead of time, so we can get down to give it what it takes. You cannot take-over in the days to come what you have not secretly spied today. Nothing is too big to get done if we can first spy and explore it in the realm of vision. A leader and his followers wanted to take-over a city, but they needed to spy the place first. It was after embarking on this life changing principle that the secret (wisdom) they needed to use to take-over the place was revealed to them. The wisdom you’d need to deliver a great future will come to you after spying it!

In the territory and realm of business, spies are being used. Take for instance, in the Banking industry; spies are being used to know how the workforce is performing. Spies are sent to disguise as customers and later bring information to those who send them. Many years ago, I was a spy—sent to study how a business was performing. I later went back to those who sent me, educating them on what to do in order to move the business in question forward. They applied what I taught them. And that ended up changing their business forever.

What is God asking you to get done? Are there people who are doing exactly what you believe you have been asked to do? Go and act as a spy. Go and explore (spy) what they are doing and how they are doing it. Get back home and add your own essence and flavor to what they are doing and how they are doing it, and get down to work! There is no point trying to re-invent the new wheel. As you go, you’d be adjusting and after a while, the wisdom for being unique would spring out of you and you shall begin to stand-out in that field of business.

The time has come for you to begin to lead a commendable and exemplary life. An end should be put to a life of mediocrity. Rise and spy your great future. After exploring it, then get down to work. If you do not know what to do to deliver an enviable future, it is because you are yet to spy it. Those who know what to do in the now—are very smart and adept at exploring their future. You cannot be confused about a future that you have seen. You are confused today, because are yet to see where you are going in life. When you see the ‘place,’ confusion leaves you and the kind of people you are going to journey with becomes very clear to you. Also, after seeing the ‘place,’ the kind of people you’d need to run away from would become very clear to you, too.

Lastly, the only difference between you and someone who would never read through this article is if you put into practice the rare wisdom I am imparting into your spirit. Rise now and do something about this piece. I am expecting to hear some beautiful stories from you. I believe in your enviable future. Go and deliver it!

See you where successful people are found.

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