How to make the bush burn without getting consumed (2)

I started this series last week Monday and I am continuing from where I did stop. Since last Monday, the feedbacks have been very heartening and boosting. I cannot thank you enough for always coming here to read through my life-changing articles. Furthermore, I will appreciate it, if you can talk about the forum with those who are yet to know about it. The goal is to bring the whole of Nigeria and the continent of Africa as a whole—under the influence of the values and principles that I weekly write about.

Last Monday, I wrote on how to create great sights in your business. It was an eye opening time!  Before people can get to taste of the wine you are carrying on the inside of you, they will need to be attracted to you first. You cannot be repelling them through your appearance, exterior and look and you will think they are going to taste of what you are having on the inside of you. The first thing to do in order to make sales is to attract people to you and what you have got to offer.

This is why the issue of being able to consistently create great sights in your business is very important. This is non-negotiable, because it will help you to be able to get the attention of your ever-busy-prospective clients. This is twenty-first century and everyone is busy. To get people’s attention, you must know how to consistently create great sights. This is very important.

After your prospective clients are attracted to see a great sight, your content is not allowed to be wishy-washy. This is where many people and companies are having a lot of issues today. People and companies spend a lot of money creating great sights, but after drawing people to their side, they disappoint them by not doing exactly what they promise that they would do. They tell people that their contents are rock-solid, but upon getting closer to them, they find out that it is not true.

Apart from the outward appearance of your business and your own exterior, your content and that of your company is very important, if you are going to turn prospective clients to customers and not lose your existing customers. Content is king in the market-place. He who has it rules. Content is everything. This is why people pay so much for content development.

It is very powerful to make the bush burn without getting consumed, but what happens after creating a great sight is everything in business. When people listen to your content as a public speaker, does it cause them to shift? Does it impact positively on them? When they taste of your wine, how does it make them feel? Exasperated or pleased?

For your content to sell, it must resonate with your target audience. For your content to sell, it must be relevant to them. It must solve problems for them. It must open their eyes to hidden-truths that their eyes were blind to before they came into contact with you. It must push them out of their comfort zones; because that is the only way they can become successful in the midst of the earth.

When you want to publish a book, you must put into consideration both the container and content, if you want your book to be widely accepted. Many spend so much money on the container without anything tangible in the book. It will discredit you, when you create a great sight through the container of your book and people get disappointed as an effect of a lack of rock-solid content.

A few years ago, I saw a book with a very beautiful container and topic! Being a lover of books, I did not even bother to look at its content before buying it, but when I got home, I was totally disappointed as an effect of what I saw. There was nothing inside the book! Today, when I see the same author’s name on any book, I don’t move near it again. This is what happens when your container draws people to what you are offering and they get disappointed because your container is empty!

The two must always go together: content and container. If you have no content yet, do not run, do not publish any book and do not make any paper presentation. If you do, many doors will be forever shut against you. Wait till the time that you have developed a very solid content before launching out. Wait for the time of your showing. Do not jump out prematurely.

It is not about how long you have been running that counts, the point is; do you have a rock-solid content? There are many empty people running today. If you do not go back home, working on yourself, by the time those who have contents take off, they are going to meet with you, being empty, they are going to easily overtake you and leave you behind. Content is going to make them more relevant than you. Remember, content is everything on earth today!

Kings are waiting for rock-solid contents! Kings here is an allegory of men of influence and affluence. They don’t joke with rock-solid contents. If you have a rock-solid content, you will attract high-paying clients in the market-place. I do know this like I do know my name. Do not be in a hurry to jump out. You may need to develop yourself for many years for just a moment of opportunity. Remember, content is everything! Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where men and women who have rock-solid content are found!




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