What is wrong with bleaching?

I am a 40- year old trader married with three children. I have been using bleaching creams for the past five years with no problems. This is why I am always surprised when people complain about the dangers of using bleaching creams. I will appreciate it if you can kindly clarify this point for me.

Desola (by SMS)


The main reason for the complaints about bleaching or Toning creams is that some of the products contain toxic chemicals that can cause serious side effects to the body. For example, mercury compounds have been used in skin lightening creams for many years, and excessive use has been linked to brain and kidney problems. Hydroquinone, another common ingredient, can cause many side effects, including dermatitis (skin irritation), cataracts and blue-black skin discolouration. It may sometimes cause an offensive fish odour in the user. Many skin lightening creams also contain steroids which can cause all sorts of complications such as thinning of the skin, acne, red stretch marks and discolouration. An excess amount of steroid can also cause swelling of the face and abdomen, weight gain, thin skin that bruises easily, stretch marks, weak muscles, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.



From 58,795 Samples, Nigeria Recorded 937 COVID-19 Cases Last Week

From the 58,795 samples tested last week, Nigeria recorded 937 new COVID-19 infections.N170 fuel price wicked

Tribune Online analysis also shows that the new confirmed cases are slightly higher than those recorded the previous week (October 25 – 31) where the country recorded 923 cases.N170 fuel price wicked

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Democratic candidate, Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States of America.

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