The type of honor to avoid

Honor is cool and good. I so much love it as a man would love his newly wedded wife. Everyone loves to be honored. No one hates it. In fact, I consistently speak against those who are devoid of honor. I have no regard for those who do not honor those whose paths cross theirs. Honor is a powerful thing, but it is terribly and obviously lacking in our society today. In fact, the generation coming after mine does not understand the value of honor. They dishonor at will—those they are supposed to honor.

What’s honor? Honor does mean to hold in respect; esteem. Also, honor in Greek means to esteem, fix the value, for the value of something belonging to oneself, valuing by which the price is fixed. When you esteem people lightly, you are actually dishonoring them, but when you esteem them appropriately, you are honoring them. And there is something interesting about honoring people. When you give honor, you get it back! This is a very powerful and life-changing principle of life. You kiss honor goodbye in your life—when you do not give it to those who deserve it.

Those who are connoisseurs and good at dishonoring people need to stop. For the umpteenth time, you cannot dishonor people and at the same time expect to be honored. It is not possible. I remember when I started pioneering an irresistible-product in the sphere of public speaking in the city of Lagos many years back, I would invite great men and women to speak for me and after speaking for me, I would honor them by decorating them with awards. Years after, those awards that I gave out in those days were seeds and today, I am harvesting awards into my own storage place of honor. Everywhere I go instinctively, I am always honored today.

Taking this issue further, honor is bestowed by the value we see in something or should I say someone. When I think of honor I think of how I see someone. My honoring someone or lack thereof shows where my value system lies and how my value system works. That is why one person can value and give honor to something or someone else and the next person has no honor or value for it. In other words, price-less-ness is in the eyes of the beholder!

On the condition that your value system is faulty, you will not be able to honor people or valuable things appropriately. Esau’s value system was completely faulty. And that made him place an inappropriate value on his destiny, dishonoring it. Many people are dishonoring relevant relationships today, because their value system is very faulty. In this year, 2020 and beyond, you would need to have a correct value system. Your success in this new decade depends largely on it!

Honor is the key that unlocks doors to your success. Sometimes, there are moments when you do not feel like honoring certain people, but it is so unfortunate that most of what you desire in life is hidden within certain people that you do not admire. What you desire in life is oftentimes hidden within certain individuals that you do not admire. In simple terms, what you like in life sometimes is never found in people that you like.

The easiest way to inherit someone’s achievement is simply honoring the achiever. What you honor, you attract, what you despise will be kept far away from you. If it is knowledge it will be kept far away from you, if you despise marriage it will be kept far away from you. If it is time or money that you despise, it will be kept far away from you. You cannot attract everything that you despise. If you want to grow old, you have to honor those that have achieved years on earth. Respect those that have already achieved, who have lived longer than you. If you want to get what they have achieved, honor them! Honor is a secret and a key to success!

Also, your uprising or your downfall in life is determined by what you choose to honor. It is not just the people but anything that you choose to honor. There are certain people that when you look at them you think they do not deserve your honor and respect, but they have done something to earn it. Choose to honor people today. Always give honor to whom honor is due.

This is where I am coming: as powerful as honor is, if one is not careful, loving honor for its own sake can become a trap. If you are honor-driven, you are not far from falling into its trap. And falling into its trap is equivalent to walking on banana peels! I remember the story of a very high-valued man, who first rejected an offer, because it was contrary to his values and God’s position on the purpose behind the invitation that was extended to him. Later, he had to compromise his values and value, making God angry with him. At the end of the day, he lost out big time!

Honor can be very overpowering, irresistible and attractive, but the good news is, it is possible to resist it, on the condition that it is going to make you compromise your values and value. It is not wrong to politely reject an honor that will cause you to compromise your values and value. This is very crucial, if you are going to end well as a leader in the midst of the earth. Do not forget what I am sharing with you right now for as long as you live.

Lastly, on the condition that honoring you is going to both distract and demote you, you will do yourself a lot of good to run away from it. It is not healthy to accept every honor that people promise to confer and bestow on you. The major reason some people want to honor you is because they want you to enter into a trap set by them. This is why leaders consistently make use of their instinct. Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where intuitive-leaders are found!


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