When a shift takes place and you are still emotionally attached to what used to be fresh in your field of business, you are going to lose the advantage and edge that you used to have in life and business. Over the years, many market leaders have lost out, because they failed to move on when a shift did hit their varied fields of business.

What I want to share with you right now is going to help you a great deal as a leader in your field of purpose. Now, it is one thing to be taught, but it is another thing to put into practice what one is taught. If what I am sharing with you is not put into practice, it is safe to say that you are going to lose your relevance and leadership edge in the days to come. This should let you know that what I am passing on to you is completely non-negotiable.

Swiss wrist-watches used to be earth-shaking and mind-blowing in the days of yore and virtually everyone was scampering everywhere to buy them, but they ended up getting emotionally attached to their prototypes of wristwatches and failed to move on when a major shift did hit that sphere of business. Do not forget that when a shift is put to bed as a baby in your field of business and you do not embrace it, you will definitely pay for it, by losing your leadership place in the market.

What you call change today will need to be changed tomorrow! When a shift occurs, what is fresh becomes stale, but the problem with folks is that they think that what is fresh today will always remain fresh. I do have a book on my shelf that talks about companies that are many centuries old. One tapestry that weaved all of them together is their quickness to embrace change each time it happens. Till this moment, they are all doing very well in their varied fields of business. You want your business to remain relevant for centuries? Then always be very quick to embrace change each time it occurs.

In your field of purpose, what you birth today, thinking outside the box will become a box tomorrow that others will need to think outside of. In the sphere of religion, many religious leaders lose relevance very quickly as an effect of their inability to embrace change each time it happens. They wrongly think that what’s fresh today will always remain fresh.

When change occurs in your field, you will first need a change of mindset, so you can exit the old into the new. Many people do not understand this. You will need to first exit the old in your mind before you can exit it outwardly. If you do not first exit the old in your mind, it will appear as if you are in the new, but the truth is; you are still wallowing in the sensuality of the old.

You cannot be talking the old when you claim that you have exited it. What you say determines either you are still in the old or you have migrated into the new. This is why you need to first exit what used to be fresh (the old) in your mind. The major reason is because you cannot get fresh ideas while you are still attached to the old in your mind.

Immediately a shift takes place, what used to bring massive results will stop bringing them. One of the major reasons things are not working the way they used to work could be because of a change that has taken place in your field of purpose either without you knowing or without you embracing it. Customers do not stay with the old when the new has been birthed. And when you refuse to move on with that which is new, they leave you behind. This is what brings about what I have chosen to call—corporate exodus.

For the umpteenth time, immediately a shift occurs, and you deliberately do not embrace it, those who used to run after you will stop running after you and move on with the wind of change. Folks used to camp around “Nokia mobile-phones,” but today, they have moved on to some other new phones. This is what happens in every field of business. When you refuse to change when it hits your field of business, you will lose virtually every of your customer. Most customers do not stay with the old when the new is here and it serves them better!

The advent of COVID-19 has brought about a shift in the way virtually everything was being done. On the condition that you are going to continue to do things like you used to do them, you are going to be left behind and you will eventually lose your edge in life, business and leadership. Most international meetings are going to be replaced with webinars. In other words, webinars have come to stay. For events, small halls are going to replace big halls. Most offices are going to be completely shut down. In other words, the cost of renting offices is going to drastically and radically come down. Most companies are changing the way they used to operate with about 80 per cent of their workforce working remotely. Also, most corporate trainings and meetings are moving online.  If I were you, I would quickly align my business to the shift that COVID-19 has brought on earth. Failure to do this will cause you to lose the market edge that you used to have.

In this day and time, I counsel that you open your ears and eyes more than you open your mouth to talk as countless folks are daily doing on social media. And if you are going to open your mouth at all, make sure you use it more to ask questions from those who know what you do not know than to use it to daily rant as they are daily doing on social media. And when folks who know what you do not know are speaking; make sure you listen to them with rapt attention. Lastly, open your eyes more than you open your mouth, so you can observe how people are landing landmark results in your country and field of business. Till I come your way again next Monday for another life-changing slice, see you where relevant leaders are found.



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