Moving Boxes; what should you know about moving boxes?

Packing is one of the most crucial tasks when we talk about the moving process. As the moving day approaches, handling moving boxes is a dreading task. Packing being the most important step of moving cannot be avoided too. All those knick-knacks, huge furniture pieces, and wardrobes make packing while moving state to state a big challenge. 

Moving boxes are the most needed packing material but also might be the bane of the move. Packing these boxes for a move should be done smartly to make it a success. Packing boxes properly and storing them right till the moving day avoid the last-minute mess. You should be aware of the right sizes that you will need and also how to dispose of them after use.

The guide given below will help you in choosing the right kind of moving boxes and will also make your moving experience easy and stress-free:

Don’t get lured by the cheap price and buy low quality moving boxes. The cheap packing supplies can be tempting at first but they can damage your belongings. Moving boxes ate not the regular boxes that we use in regular retail stores. Buying the right boxes for moving is mandatory.

Moving boxes are designed specifically for moving and the material used in moving boxes is different than that of normal storage boxes used in retail stores. Moving boxes are specially designed for transportation and loading purposes.

ü Buying the right size and right material for moving boxes is very important. Moving boxes are available in many types and sizes that are designed for moving household items.

Medium-size boxes are industry-standard boxes that are used for common household things like books, kitchenware, collectibles, and clothes.

Large moving boxes can be used to store heavy household pieces along with lightweight items.

Extra-large boxes can be used to store lightweight items like beddings, linens, drapes, pillows, clothes, and other wardrobe materials. Make sure you do not store heavy and too many items in extra-large moving boxes.

ü Not packing your things right can cause a lot of damage to your belongings. For example, if you do not fill the gaps in your moving box or leave open space can create movement inside the box and that can lead to damage.

ü Group items together before you start storing them in the moving boxes. Items should be grouped according to weight and size. Use bright colored tissue paper to differentiate your knick-knacks.

ü Make sure you don’t make the moving box too heavy to carry but also fill each and every corner of it. Half-filled boxes can collapse while stacking.

ü When packing fragile items, make sure enough layer is created inside the box to keep the items safe. Use bubble wrap or other cushioned packing material to pack fragile and delicate items and also don’t forget to fill each and every gap in the box to keep the items safe. Don’t make the box very heavy.

ü Always use medium or large boxes for heavy items like books and kitchenware. Don’t pack heavy items in extra-large boxes as they will not only be difficult to carry but there will be a high chance of collapsing of the box.

ü Use extra-large boxes for light-weight items like bed-linens and comforters.

ü Don’t pack in a hurry. Take enough time to wrap your fragile items as it is advisable to over-pack them.

ü Make sure you place enough paper and padding between each piece while stacking bowls and cups. Place plates and dishes on the sides of the box.

ü You should consider using dividers for glasses as this will add an extra layer of protection to these delicate and breakable things.

ü Once a box is packed, make sure you seal the box properly with strong packing tape. First, wrap the packing tape across the top of the box with the flaps, and then wrap another piece of tape across the top of the box. This will save the box from collapsing.

ü Once the boxes are packed and sealed, label each box clearly. Labeling the boxes clearly will not only help you but will also help the people who will be loading and unloading your belongings.

ü Stacking your moving boxes right is very important for the safety of your goods that are packed in them. Put the heaviest boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top. This type of stacking will save the heavy boxes from tripping and lighter boxes from crushing.

ü You can also stack your boxes like bricks to save them from falling. A sturdy tower will be created that will be safe to stack them.

ü Make sure you create an aisle while stacking your boxes in the moving truck or self-storage unit.

Packing and stacking the moving boxes are equally important like choosing the right moving boxes. Moreover, you must also know some amazing unpacking hacks to make the post-move process easier. The tips given above should be followed to keep your belongings safe and to have a mess-free move.

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