Getting Playstation gift cards with cryptocurrency

If you have a gamer in your life, there’s no better gift than some Playstation gift cards. You simply cannot go wrong with that!

Maybe you don’t know exactly what he might like, it’s very hard when you’re not much into gaming yourself. Getting some Playstation gift cards saves a lot of trouble.


How do you even know what a gamer wants?

If you have teenage kids it’s very tricky to find a gift they might find decent, or cool, or neat, or whatever word kids use these days. The same goes when your new boyfriend is a (too) dedicated gamer and some days you have to drag him out of the house.

Now, you might have an idea about the games they’re playing, but if you’re not into it you usually tune out when they start blabbing about games.

Since it’s their biggest passion, getting them a game-related gift is the obvious choice. Yes, but what exactly?

Do you have any idea what game they might like? Any new game coming out soon? What if you buy them a game they already have and don’t even like it? That would completely ruin the occasion and make you look super lame.


Why Playstation gift cards are the best choice?

To you and me a gift card might not look like much, but with a gamer you’ll probably see their eyes go wide with anticipation.

When you get a gamer some Playstation gift cards, a whole new world opens up for them. A game world, of course.

The minute they see the gift card, well, when they hear you got them one because they don’t actually get a physical card, it’s basically a code you can use on PlayStore, their minds will start racing.

Step back for a couple of minutes and let them process the information. If you want to show your love, this is the perfect moment to splurge a bit. You can pick gift card for various amounts, from $10 to a jaw-dropping $100, in real money or the equivalent in the cryptocurrency you prefer.

If you have some Bitcoin in your wallet, why not spend a tiny amount on a Playstation gift card for your loved one? Especially now that Bitcoin is hovering near its ATH. It’s basically peanuts!

You can also use other major cryptos, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, Tron, Dai or BitTorrent. The process if very simple and your crazy gamer will get the best gift ever.

PlayStation gift cards can be redeemed on PlayStore to buy new games or some in-game credit, which is huge when you need some special items in a game. Maybe you don’t get the idea, but a gamer will instantly convert the value on the gift card into all those wonderful things he might get with that kind of money.

If you’re stuck on a gift idea, a PlayStation gift card is the right answer. Your gamer will be super happy, so happy they’ll forget anything about a birthday cake or even a party. They’re going to have plenty of fun online with their new game!

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