Elbowing off restructuring

Ambitious politicians determined to carry on business as usual are poised to call the bluff of restructuring advocates who insist that 2023 is not on their agenda. The question now is: who will champion the people’s fight for a life that is worth living for poor citizens and their children?

One thing the common man in Nigeria has always lacked is a champion who will consistently pursue goals for the common good.

Where is the Messiah that will pluck the poor man from the dung heap the Nigerian politicians have dumped them? Right, left and centre, the dark clouds are gathering again. The poor watch on helplessly for another torrential rain that will leave them drenched to the bones. The masquerades are poised for action again! With their hides as tough as a rhino’s, the media pen swords have been of little help in checking the rottenness in their camps. Talk about seismic movements, shifts and realignments in political camps. It is shameful. And I ask, to what end is there for the cutting away of the meat meant for all of us until the bare bones showed. Some of them are even talking about “assured annihilation” if we raise our voices for freedom. They tell us we have to lick our wounds quietly if we don’t like the code of the game.

John R. Jimoh,




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