These 11 reasons to keep a gratitude journal will change your life

There are benefits of keeping a gratitude journal that are often not paid attention to by individuals. However, in this article you’d see why it’s important for you to keep one.  

In the world today where everyone is caught up with the business of life, it’s a bit hard to pause and take note of the happenings in your life, especially the good ones.  

A wise man once defined gratitude as the state of an individual’s life where they are thankful and appreciative. What should you be grateful for? The big, small and irrelevant things.  

You need a gratitude journal. It could be a hard copy book or an e-journal. In our journals, we are fond of always writing the bad things that we forget the many amazing things that have happened in our lives.  

Why should you keep a gratitude journal? 

1. Improves your self-esteem 

You are likely to have a heathy self-esteem when you give yourself, per time, to engaging a gratitude journal. It makes you secure in your abilities as a person because you are constantly reminded of the beauty of the little things that you would have easily overlooked if you didn’t keep a journal.  

2. Reduces anxiety and depression 

This is one of the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. It helps to reduce your anxieties concerning issues, and also keeps depression in check. It helps to fine-tune your thoughts to positivity and aids a happier life. 

3. Keeps overthinking in check 

Whenever you find yourself overthinking the outcome of an event or something that has taken place in the past, then you should try to keep a gratitude journal.  

Past records in your journal will remind you of times that you pulled through even in the face of fear. Asides that, it helps you to be mindful and keeps your thoughts in the present instead of wandering to the past and placing too much weight on your expectations from the future. 

4. Reminds you of beautiful moments of the past 

The human mind can easily forget things, so a gratitude journal can be used to track your successes, and many other beautiful and positive things that have happened to you in the past and are currently happening to you.  

The beautiful thing about keeping a gratitude journal is that you can always take a trip back to moments in your life that were worthwhile and defining.  

5. Improves self-love 

It helps you love yourself more even in the face of failure. Failure makes you shift your gaze from things that you’ve positively done in the past which in turn could make you hate yourself. But having a gratitude journal helps you focus on positivity.  

6. Gives you more room to be optimistic 

You get to see the world and happenings in your life from the standpoint of being hopeful. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you see life and approach life from a positive and optimistic perspective. With practice, it will in turn affect your speech and actions. Why? Because you’re optimistic in your thoughts. 

7. Precise expression of thoughts and emotions 

It helps you to be more precise and articulate about expressing your thoughts and how you feel. 

As time goes on, journaling repeatedly helps to train you to be more expressive and more straightforward about what it is that you’d like to keep records of. It helps you to connect easily with your thought and put them down in a precise manner.  

8. Channels your energy aright 

Having a gratitude journal would help to channel your energy into the right and productive things. Your energy goes where your attention goes. No doubt, negativity has a way of putting you down and draining your energy.  

Keeping a gratitude journal sure does help to channel your thoughts to the right things and to the positive things happening in your life.  

9. Mental strength 

There’s a mental strength that comes when your thoughts are filled with so much positivity. You know that strength that comes from within that gives you the impression that you can take on the world, and achieve your goals? Yes, that’s what keeping a gratitude journal can do for you. 

10. It improves productivity 

Your productivity level is heightened because you are in the right frame of mind to work and make your goals a reality.  

11. It helps you place importance on relationships with people 

It helps you to see reasons to be grateful for family, friends, your partner, and other relationships that you have. It gives you the sense to place a premium on them and value them.  

In summary, a gratitude journal helps to improve the quality of your life. What will you do differently from today? 

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