What interests me about NYSC

A bill is before the House of Representatives to scrap the 48-year-old National Youths Service Corps (NYSC). Some senior secondary students of Sharon Rose College, Saki, Oyo State, who are also looking forward to serving their fatherland after tertiary education, share what interests them about the scheme.


Phoebe Oyelade, Ss2

I see NYSC as an avenue for the people who have been brought up in different homes and under different tongues/tribes to come together, live together, interact together and come to a mutual understanding of themselves. Also, for a corps member that is posted to a faraway place or land with different norms or customs can take the one-year journey as an avenue to explore and to get to know more about the culture of other people and to mix with people of different upbringing and backgrounds.


Opeyemi Agesin, Ss1

What interests me about NYSC is their dressing. Serving corps members must dress in white T-shirt, NYSC belt, khaki trousers, a pair of white socks and jungle boots. A corps member who dresses appropriately will look like a military personnel. So, I love to dress in such a way.

Another thing that interests me about NYSC is the fact that it avails one with the opportunity to be open to other people’s culture and helps to understand the language of others who are not of the same tribe with one.


Peace Ayantunde, SS1

The things that interest me about NYSC include the Orientation Camp; the fact that it builds relationships; and that it also helps one to look beyond one’s immediate present. The NYSC scheme is the only way to look beyond the present and think of the future leadership of the country. I believe that that singular fact was what necessitated the establishment of the scheme.


Moranuoluwa  Ogunjimi

The NYSC is a laudable programme as it enhances unity in diversity and also exposes corps members to interact and learn more about other ethnic groups in Nigeria. It also takes corps members across the nation, even to communities and places where one may never visit during one’s lifetime. So, I must categorically state that the joy of serving one’s fatherland and rendering community services are what interest me about NYSC.


Isaiah Ogunrinde, SS2

The dream of waking up in another part of the country, dressed like them, learning their language and teaching them mine, serving in their place, has kept me wondering if there could have been a better way through which national unity and cohesion can be fostered. I can imagine how posterity would have been without this opportunity of serving one’s father’s land.

Also, having read of how much past heroes had done for the country, the efforts of legends like General Yakubu Gowon inspire me in my interest to dedicate my loyalty to the country. The joy of seeing my seniors in the adorable outfits puts a kind of motivation in me to aspire being a NYSC member. Then, I am interested most in the pride of fulfillment, when I must have completed my course as a member of the National Youth Service Corps.


Success Adeyinka, SS2

Many experiences and lessons are gained from NYSC one year programme and those experiences have a way of changing the lives of many youths and make them better. What interests me about the programme this privilege to serve my fatherland; the opportunity to be able to learn more about Nigeria and to serve her. There is much to learn about our beloved country and NYSC is a perfect avenue to learn about them. Many youths develop the feelings of nationalism and patriotism when serving their father land and this makes them better and responsible citizens. NYSC also serves to enlighten citizens on things that seem like mysteries to them. It helps to inculcate discipline and hard-work in youths.



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