Watermelon cake: Easy to make, yummy to eat

Watermelons are in season and this juicy fruit is a delight any day, anytime.

Soaked with nutrients such as vitamins A, B6, C, antioxidants and amino acids, watermelons not only provide sweet relief on a hot day; they have also been proven to be great for heart health, skin and hair, digestion and even cancer prevention.

Although they can be thoroughly enjoyed when eaten by themselves, they can also be prepared as smoothies and slushies. As with everything culinary, watermelons can also be upgraded. One exciting way to do this is in making it into a cake!

If you are a lover of watermelon, you can take your cooking skills up a notch by infusing some creativity to produce this. Fruit salad lovers are also sure for a blast of sumptuousness as all it takes is some innovation and adding a variety of other fruits to make this cake. Not only is a watermelon cake yummy, you can enjoy a visually appealing cake, with loads of sweetness without the guilt of calorie build-up associated with flour/sugar-baked cakes. It’s also quick, easy to prepare and a healthy choice with bust of colours.

It can be served as dessert, an edible centerpiece or a birthday cake.

To prepare watermelon cake, you will need ripe watermelon (preferably deseeded), other fruits of choice. For variety, you can include whipped cream to use for frosting the cake.



  • To make the base of the cake, cut the round ends off the watermelon.
  • Carve out the heart of the watermelon using a sharp knife. Be careful to not slice out the inner pink rind. The watermelon should not be over ripe so that it doesn’t melt. Mop dry with a paper towel.
  • Refrigerate watermelon.
  • Prepare other fruits and design on carved out, refrigerated watermelon. Get as creative as you can with designs
  • Enjoy.
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