Val in a affairs picnic basket

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and lovers are about in search of the perfect gift; ‘besties’ for the perfect sit outs, and families for the perfect hangouts. It‘s just everyone targeting ways to show love to their special ones.

And you are there, stuck on what to do?

A picnic idea is not bad for Val’s day; the plan fits into all the categories, because your picnic basket would have something for everyone. Remember, a picnic is supposed to be a pleasant activity so if you feel stressed thinking about it, you are not planning right.

Here are few tips to make it easy!

 View your basket

What’s a picnic without a basket? Either a hamper or plastic basket, you sure need a basket. And if you need it to look more beautiful, lay colourful napkins within and make it extend to the outer regions. If there are no napkins, use a wrapping paper to decorate it.

Adorn your basket with food

Now that the basket is ready, it can’t be kept empty. These are simple meals you can put together that would be fun to share with your friends, family or partner.

Desserts:  A simple pack of small chops, puff puff, doughnuts or cupcakes

Fruits:  You can make chopped fruits from bananas, cabbages, cucumber and water melon. When cut into small pieces, put away in separate bowls or mix together so you have a fruit salad. Corn and coconut can be mixed, cucumber, carrots, and apples too. Add mayonnaise to the basket if you would later have them as salad.

Smoothie: You can blend your fruits and get your picnic smoothie. Xquisite food has recently given a recipe of pawpaw watermelon blend.

You can blend pineapples, apple, watermelon, few drops of lime and milk for another great smoothie taste.

Don’t forget to add ice blocks to your basket, so,  as the weather gets hot, you have your drinks chilled.

Juice:  Homemade fresh juice can be made by squeezing oranges into a jar for your picnic.

Fries:  Fried plantain or yam crisps would be great in your basket when you actually need to eat something not too heavy, but more filling than all other contents in your basket.

Roasted chicken, grilled fish and boiled eggs are not bad ideas too. You have something to nibble while discussing, taking pictures and having fun.

Water is also important. You must avoid getting dehydrated, so it is important there is enough for everyone.

Light up your picnic

Dig in your basket when you are at your destination;an open field,  a park,  playground, or garden.

And have a great Valentine’s Day.

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