Things that will not change post covid-19 (part 1)

There are too many videos and articles flying everywhere online about post-coronavirus happenings, affecting life, leadership and business and virtually every one of them is instilling fear in the people. I remember speaking to someone a few days ago on what he needs to do so as to keep being relevant for as long as this world lasts. When people talk about things that will change post-coronavirus-19, I talk about things that will not change. From one dispensation to another, they have remained the same. And as long as the earth remains, they are not going to change.

No matter what changes post covid-19, there are many things that will not change. One of the things that will not change is vision! To be able to navigate through the coming days, you will need to become a smart and nifty visionary. A visionary sees beyond those who are dying across the planet earth as an effect of coronavirus and sees how they can be stopped from dying. As Covid-19 is killing folks today, malaria was once like that in the days of yore. It took a few visionaries to take the world out of the claws of malaria! Am I saying that it has been completely wiped off? No, but it has been relegated to the background. Same way Covid-19 will soon be relegated to the background.

Also, in the days to come, being visionary is going to be a must for survival and success in business and leadership. It is often observed that many companies come into play and become successful and profitable for a short time but then they fail and fall badly—when they face the first storm. A big percentage of such companies do not even survive. They disappear. Why? The main reason is that they do not have visionary leaders. Storms are coming against every company in the days to come. Only companies being led by visionaries will survive and excel.

Correspondingly, what do visionary leaders do? Visionary leaders see the big picture. By looking at the big picture you become detached from what is going on around the world as coronavirus bites very hard, sending people to the land of the silent ones. As a result, you will be able to link various events with one another and take proactive actions before problems show up in your company post Covid-19. Seeing the big picture will help you to see the destination right from this moment, so what happens along the way will not surprise you. As a visionary, it is high time you started seeing the big picture!

Visionary leaders have a definite and clear vision. When the vision is clear, the ultimate goal is also clear not only to you, but also to those whom you lead, because a leader who knows his onions should be able to communicate his vision to those following him. Buddy, to lead post Covid-19, you would need a clear vision (unambiguous vision) and you must be able to clearly communicate it to those following you, because if they do not understand it, they won’t be able to run with it. And you cannot afford not to have them run with you to achieve your vision. In the days to come, only visionary leaders will both survive and thrive economically.

Another benefit of being visionary is the ability to focus on the worthy. When you focus your energy on what matters, you do not become distracted by external forces. In the days to come, there shall be many more things that will be distracting folks across the planet earth. To remain focused, you need a vision that is clear. On earth today, while others are being distracted, visionary leaders are focused. And they are focusing their energy on the value they are working on.

Visionary leaders do not get distracted with temporary setbacks, because they can see the end from beginning. There shall be many setbacks in the days to come as an effect of the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, but visionary leaders will not be perturbed, because they can see the end of what they are working on from the beginning. Nothing stops you from moving forward when you can see beyond where you are.

Also, post Covid-19, as a visionary leader, you are going to become a searchlight for others to follow in Nigeria and across the planet earth. You are going to say no to following the crowd and as a result, you are going to become worthy of being followed by the crowd. It is going to be very dark out there in the days to come. People will need you to become a searchlight for them to follow. This is why you cannot afford not to become a visionary leader. In your light, people will find their own light. A lot of people are going to get direction for their lives as you lead in the days to come.

Lastly, what is expected of you as a visionary post Covid-19? It will be very important for you to learn how to invest time and effort to excel in relevant relationship building. Connecting with others will widen your horizon for meaningful collaborations making success a reality for you in the days to come. Those who desire to become successful in the days to come must learn and understand how to collaborate with relevant people. It becomes a ‘sin’ to be a lone ranger in the days to come, because being a lone-ranger will make you fall short of success. Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where visionary leaders are found!







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