The two greatest enemies of wealth

Tony Robbins said, “The secret to wealth is simple, find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Be more. Serve more. And you will have the opportunity to earn more.” To access wealth, I want to add mine to it, always learn more, because there is always more to learn! Become a student of those who have already become successful!

Robbin’s life further changed after he began to sit with leaders of varied fields of businesses. It was after he sat with them that he got to know that he truly did not know most of what he assumed he did know. Also, he did not even know at all some crucial truths about wealth too. Too vices were fighting him: assumption and ignorance. Many people are suffering from the mentioned vices without knowing.

Robbins had to leverage some of his relationships to be able to sit with some of the best market leaders in the midst of the earth. He was not looking for them for their cash and what cash could buy, but he was looking for them to drink from the fountain that produced all they had, from the Wall Street and dusty streets!

This is the power of relevant relationship on a clear cut display here! This is why it is impossible for you to get to the zenith of life without having quality relationships, people who can knock and open great doors on your behalf. Some doors are too big for you to open, but they are not too big for them to open for you. A time is going to come that you will be able to open such doors for those coming behind you, though. This is how this world has been wired and structured.

Sadly, today, people really do not care a hoot about what is working for you, what they are after is what you are having. Most times, when people ask you to mentor them, they are actually not interested in what you know, but what they are interested in is what, what you know has been able to produce over the years. They love and like money and what money can buy, but they detest wisdom and knowledge!

I screamed while reading through one of the books written by Robbins when he said that in seven years, he was able to read through 700books! He said he was always reading. This is very instructive, especially in a generation where people do not have any passion for learning. Once again, they love wealth, but they hate knowledge that delivers an enduring-wealth.

In this part of the world, folks believe that one day they would become lucky and suddenly become wealthy. What a very warped way of thinking! The truth is; no one succeeds at the highest level as an effect of luck. People become successful because they are doing some stuff consistently and differently than everyone else. Nothing can be truer than this! No one is going to wake up one day and suddenly become wealthy, even in our own version of politics in Nigeria, where there is windfall, you will still need to pay your dues for years before a party ticket is given to you.

Robbins said he is a hunter of human excellence. He looks for individuals who break the norm and demonstrate to all that’s really possible. He said he learns from what those few extraordinary individuals do that’s different from everybody else, and then emulate them. He said, “I find out what works, and then I clarify it, simplify it, and systematize it—in a way to help people move forward!” No wonder Robbins is very successful.

Many want to become successful today without wanting to become hunters of human excellence. They do not want to become students of anyone. They always want to lead without following anyone. But the truth is; to become successful, you will have to identify those you want to become successful like, emulate and follow them. This is one of the most powerful principles working for me in my field of assignment.

No one stumbles into the house of wealth. It has never happened and it will never happen. You want to become wealthy? Then you must be ready to pay the price. And one of the prices you will need to pay is to consistently become a hunter of knowledge and human excellence. I have been emulating and learning from wealthy people in the last 25years. Some of them I know directly while some of them I got to meet with while reading through their books. One principle works in every generation: if you can do what wealthy people are doing, you are going to get what they got! It is as simple as this!

For the umpteenth time, one reason people succeed and become wealthy is that they have knowledge other people don’t have. You pay your lawyer and doctor for what you don’t know. This is why one of the most profound decisions you can make is to fall in love with good and life-changing books. Hear what Ernest Hemingway said while he was alive, “there is no friend as loyal as a book.” To defeat assumption and ignorance, you need to read through good books. I got to know this some decades ago and it has come to help me a great deal.

Over the years, books have helped homeless people to become successful. Books have established a lot of poor people. Many are wicked to themselves today, because they hate to buy and read through good books. I have come to challenge you today to stop assuming that you know what you really do not know. Always buy and read through good books. Books are capable of changing your life forever! Also, look for those you will like to become wealthy like them and emulate and humbly submit to them for mentorship.


Lastly, you will not know how foolish, thoughtless and irrational you are until you sit with those who are wise. And walking with them for years will cause foolishness to depart from your life. Many are poor because they are assuming that they know what they truly do not know. In every generation, wealth always leaves clues. This is why you will need to become a student of those who have become wealthy and successful. Doing what I have been able to share with you at the moment will change your life, business and career forever. Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where wealthy leaders are found!



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