Telemedicine at its best is what AskDoctorD offers www.askdoctord.com is a trusted medical platform where users can consult with qualified family doctors and specialists home and abroad on a secured platform by text or audiovisual at their comfort without a physical presence in a hospital. Chat with a certified medical doctor from your home and office now!!!
Click here to get started app.askdoctord.com/register

Registration is FREE and we also have FREE #1500 vouchers for our subscribers for the FIRST consultation with the doctors.

You can also download the AskDoctorD App on Google Play Store here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.askdoctord.askdoctord

Once you sign up, you can then chat with Dr D.
You will be advised based on your clinical presentations, referred for appropriate tests if required or given an appointment with well-trained Specialists for further consultation online and physically as desired.

AskDoctorD is Nigeria’s reliable telemedicine platform of Desol Medical Solutions that allows registered members to talk to Doctors via secured message services to get Medical help.

Just a click on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers and you will be able to speak with one of our doctors.

For more enquiry : WhatsApp: 09055605107

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