SOS Gov Ajimobi on Bembo-Elere road

On behalf of the residents of Elere, Apata Ibadan in the Omi-Apata Local Council Development Area of Oyo State, I wish to draw your attention to the deplorable state of the Bembo –  Logudu  – Elere road.

The road has been in a terrible condition for many years now, having been neglected by successive administrations in the state.

Its condition was in fact further worsened recently as a result of the activities of contractors engaged to execute a World Bank water project who dug the road and further compounded the plight of the hapless residents of the area.

It is quite unfortunate and disheartening that we still have that sort of a nightmare of a road in the capital city of a state that prides itself as the Pacesetter State in the 21st century.

Frankling speaking, the condition of that road is not good at all for the image of the Oyo State government as it portrays the government as not being committed to addressing the plight of the citizenry. It now takes an average of 45 minutes to access Apata from Elere, whereas it normally should take less than 10 minutes.

It is indeed high time the Oyo State government addressed the situation by rehabilitating that road and, by so doing, give residents of the area a new lease of life.

Any pregnant woman who suddenly goes into labour and is being rushed to the hospital for delivery on that road is at the risk of complications arising on account of the terrible state of the road.

Also, many hapless residents of the area, especially school children, have lost their limbs to motorbike accidents on that road, especially whenever it rains when the condition of the road is always further worsened.

I am personally aware of the death of two commercial motorcyclists due to accidents on that road.

Several other cases  abound with the attendant everlasting sorrow and anguish caused to the victims’ families.

The painful death of a popular commercial motorcyclist known as Ijesha on that road still remains fresh in the minds of the residents of the area.

The man fell into a deep gully in the middle of a portion of the road and, in the process, hit his head against a hard object and died while being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Another commercial motorcyclist known as Monsur also lost his life to an accident at the Elere axis of the road a few months later due to the condition of the road.

That road has simply become a deathtrap as it is now claiming lives almost on a daily basis. The Oyo State government should as a matter of urgency stop further loss of lives on that road.

The residents of the area cannot afford further loss of precious lives by accidents on that road.

To this end, I most respectfully implore Your Excellency to please use your good offices and rehabilitate that road without further delay so as to end the nightmare of the hapless residents of the area.

Abiodun Amole, Ibadan, Oyo State.