Social Media Security Best Practices For 2020

Social media is a great place to relate with lots of people from all different countries, tribes, basically from all over the world, but this comes at an expense. Several people have been scammed, and millions of accounts have been hacked, including emails, phone numbers and other sensitive contact data. Several top profile users have suffered this too, and so there is a need for social awareness training. Some accounts recovered while some never did, and the impact is more devastating for some others.

Now, what can be done to prevent the hacks from occurring in the workplace? Bear in mind that the reason for using a social media security strategy is to make sure the staff perform their duties without compromising security.

Best Practices and Tips for Social Media Security

  • Secure All Devices: your social media devices are the most insecure devices on any network, and so you have to make sure all your devices are well protected. They can be protected by using the following. Encryption of your phone is important, so if it gets hacked or stolen, it can’t be accessible to them. Use of Anti-virus software is another way of securing your device. VPN or Firewall is also a means of protecting your devices. Employees should use a secured VPN or Firewall for both mobile and Wi-Fi access to prevent hacking.
  • Use a Social Media Officer: the system administrator is involved in a lot of activities already, and so he doesn’t need the social media issues added to his plate. This means you have to delegate the task of social media security to another employee. The officer in charge of this is to check the accounts of staff regularly to ensure everyone is following the best security practices. The officer can also educate the staff on security issues so they can follow them.
  • Company Account Privacy Settings: the social media reset privacy settings of a platform get updated, and so it’s possible to change them mistakenly. In fact, malware may affect the company’s account undetected from an authorized user’s account and change the security settings. Therefore, try as much as possible to check the settings from time to time. In the case of a misplaced security setting, public embarrassment can result for the company, and in worst cases, the company’s account can be hacked or compromised severely. You can also make use of a proxy shop.
  • Limit the Private Company Information On Social Networks: let’s say the company goes on a retreat, it is possible that staff would love to upload posts and photos of the trip on the company’s page. However, doing this might tip off hackers into attacking the company’s network and or servers. And for this reason, company vacations shouldn’t be mentioned on social media till everyone is back at work. This is so everyone can totally have fun without having to always worry over a security breach.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

  • Have a Regular Security Audit on Company Accounts: have a set of skill set men be responsible for auditing the company’s accounts from time to time. The first one is the user access; does any user need their account access removed or does any user need access granted? Security settings are also necessary. Check to see if there are any recent platform updates that need the security settings changed. Also, check for any recent security threats. If there’s any threat that has reported lately, then check it out and be sure it will no longer be a threat. User publishing privileges should also be checked out if there’s anyone that needs to be granted or revoked.

Have a social media security awareness checklist so you can be sure to keep both yours and the company’s account safe.



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