Should couples consume pornographic content?

PORNOGRAPHIC contents are explicit or x-rated contents that depict adults engaging in sexual act. They are rated 18 but are highly abused by the young and old. They are consumed in schools, offices and homes. Some use them to arouse their sexual urge, others for purgatory function.

Married couples are privy to have sex which is one of their pledges when signing the dotted lines but should they consume pornographic content separately or together?

On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our expert said on the issue:


Lanre Oseni

It is immoral and inadmissible for couples to consume pornographic content.


Momoh Charles

Pornographic materials are not outrightly bad as far as married couples are concerned.  It helps to bond the intimacy of parties concerned to be. However, they should not be addicted to it.


Kike Adekola

It is not advisable for couples. However, it depends on the couple. If they are addicted to such content before marriage, they can go ahead in order to allow peaceful coexistence.


Adekunle Isa

I don’t see anything bad in it as a couple. It helps to boost libido in order to drive sex satisfaction from one’s spouse.

Joshua Adeniyi

Porn shouldn’t be consumed by couples. First, it’s a sin against God. Also, it is addictive and can lead to lack of satisfaction from either of the couple who consume such content due higher expectation from their spouses.


Amina Momoh

It is of no importance if there is no problem with their sexual life. It might result to problems that they might find difficult to handle.

Oluwayase Mercy

They are not good in anyway. And I will not support that in my family. Although, some partners may like it and want to explore what they see but for me it is a “No”.


Thompson Falowo

Some couples consume pornographic content to increase their libido. But the end result of this most times is addiction which in turn leads to masturbation. Moreover, masturbation is a sin according to the Bible. So I will say a capital NO to it.


Taiwo Ahmed

I think it’s a great idea and one of the best things to get involved in as couples as it would help improve their sex life. Also knowing what your partner wants and how to satisfy him/her with it is the most important goals to a successful marriage. Consuming such with your partner  without keeping secrets, getting advice outside about your sex life or even practicing it outside with someone else is best than avoid it and engage in  infidelity which  can sooner or later destroy the home.


Felix Sihitshuwam

I’m close to the conclusion that watching pornographic movies is equivalent to inhaling evil spirits. One reason married couples may seek to consume pornographic content is to spice up sex life. However, this can be achieved through reading books on sex. On whether this still resorts or boils down or is equivalent to watching pornographic movies, I can’t really say.


Dorcas Adeyanju

I think pornographic content should be consumed by couples as this will help to spur their mood, enable them explore different sexual activities and enjoy sex. We have so many marriages where they’re not happy because of bad sex experience; men cheat on their wives because they claimed their wives are not active in bed and other excuses. Imagine someone who got married a virgin where do you want them to learn the process? Sure, it is through pornographic content. Pornographic contents are not to arouse alone but are instruction materials. Some partners don’t know how to satisfy their spouse, coupled with their conservative idea about sex which is boring. Trust me, most spouses are not enjoying their sex life. This had led to many broken homes. We have thousands of women out there with over 12 years in marriage with children, that don’t enjoy sex because they don’t know how to go about it. So, it’s beyond the fact that pornography is bad but looks at its learning aspect for couples.

Expert Speaks

Rey Ovie, a pastor is our expert on this issue. Marriage is not for procreation and sexual pledges only, but to fulfill God’s divine purpose. Whatever has a beginning has an end. And at certain ages in life, the craving for sexual intercourse drops. There’s nothing that can justify the intake of cocaine, same applies to pornography.  Whether you’re married or single, pornography should not be consumed. The negative effects outweigh the positive. The nature of porn goes beyond the act and what you learn from it but consumers of pornography get addicted to it like illicit drugs. Not to forget that, most acts in pornography contents are indulged in using drugs, and for couples consuming such, the possibility of sexual satisfaction from one’s partner is 100% impossible. This is antithetical to the motive of consumption because the inner cravings and desire seen in such movie may not be feasible in reality. And if your partner decides to call it quits the feeling of being betrayed and not satisfied sprung, this might result to faithful spouse indulging in masturbation. True, it exposes couples to new possibilities in the art of love making but the different act engaged in are not justified for morally inclined couples. In a nutshell porn consumption isn’t made for married Christians. The rate of rape in Nigeria is on the increase and this is as a result of insatiable sexual yearnings of young, old married and single. One of the factors behind this is consumption of pornographic contents.

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