Friendship: An essential ingredient to success in marriage

A  marriage relationship that will last is one in which the partners are friends. Couples being friends is what makes for marital bonding. Friendship should even be achieved before marriage takes place. This is what makes couples to be able to live together forever. Every couple should therefore ensure that they maintain their friendship relationship in the marriage setting.

When a couple has achieved bonding in marriage, they don’t live separate life anymore. Rather, they live as one, doing things in common or in togetherness. It is when a couple has been able to achieve this that bonding can be said to have taken place or achieved in a marriage. This is the cote of friendship in marriage.

Achieving bonding, which is a state of dependency of a couple, is not easily done, though highly and absolutely necessary. It is the ingredient of success in marriage which each couple must strive to achieve. As stated last week, sex is the nature induced way of achieving this bonding.

When a couple has bonded, there is a way they will live their lives in togetherness. This way of living is made easier when couples have been able to cultivate friendship in the marriage. To achieve this friendship bonding, the following will be necessary.


Couples should live together

A married couple who wants to achieve success in the marriage should have a single accommodation life. That is, they must live together in the same place. Keeping separate living accommodation is highly inimical to the success of a marriage. That is why the Bible requires that “a man will leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Becoming one flesh is what dependency or bonding is all about.

Living together in the same place means same location with reference to town, house, and room. This is the way those who have succeeded, and are succeeding in marriage relationship live. Many marriages crashing today, or that had crash, or that have suffered setbacks with the evidence of scars of marital unfaithfulness, children out of wedlock, sexually transmitted diseases, among others, arrived there due to separate living accommodation in most cases. So, when due to job or business situations, a couple lives apart, they are endangering their marriage. A couple that lives together, stays together, and vice versa.

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