Pekere, Please!

Pekere (corn cake) is made by grinding maize after shredding it from the cob.  It is definitely different from Ipekere (plantain chips).

I particularly like this snack because of its unique taste.

To achieve getting the smooth texture of the shredded corn, use a grinding machine.



Enough maize/corn



Seasoning cubes

Palm oil

Salt to taste

Note that while grinding only  little quantity of water should be added because it must be in semiliquid form for a thick paste.



Mix grinded corn thoroughly with a spatula or turning stick to make it smooth, in a bowl

Add  seasoning and salt to taste

Mix again thoroughly without adding water

Slice onions in very tiny portions into the paste

Set oil in a deep pot or deep frying pan

The thick paste is to be set in the hot oil in sizes, so that it doesn’t stick to another in the hot oil (Just as it is when frying any other thing). It is advisable to use a deep spoon

Fry, turn the sides at intervals and remove from hot oil

Pekere is ready to serve when it turns brown in the hot oil.

Pekere (in Yoruba) is perfect as a breakfast menu, rich in diet and a very special taste you will love to taste.

You can eat Pekere with pap,  custard, bread or just as it is. It can be served in parties as a snack too.


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