‘My husband is a wizard, made strange penis to sleep with me every night’

•She must seek witch doctor for deliverance —Husband

THE Livingstone Local Court, Zambia, has given a man of Ngwenya Township a two-month ultimatum to remove an object resembling a manhood he allegedly implanted on his wife’s left thigh through charms.

According to Zambia Observer, Senior local magistrate, Esau Daka and principal presiding local court magistrate, Mubita Mubiana said though the issue was a family matter, the man, identified as Chipango, should ensure that the matter was resolved.

Joyce, 60, accused her former husband of implanting the manhood on her left thigh.

In this case, Chipango had sued his former wife, Joyce, demanding K30,000 for accusing him of being a wizard.

Joyce complained that the circumcised manhood traumatised her as it would have sexual intercourse with her every night.

“One day, while we were in bed, he pinned me down and started accusing me of being unfaithful. He then warned me that he would attach a manhood to my thigh,” she said.

Joyce stated that after that, she developed pain on her thighs and later a real human circumcised manhood grew out of her left thigh.

“Every night, it has intercourse with me just like a real man,” she said.

But Chipango accused his former wife of calling him a wizard. He said she should consult a witchdoctor if she wanted her attached manhood removed.

The court, in passing judgment, issued a two- month ultimatum to Chipango in which to resolve the issue.



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