Mastering sizes for s3xual pleasure in marriage

I am writing on this due to requests from some of our readers, who desire to know more about an article of mine in a previous edition of this column, which was on male organ and sexual fulfilment.

I need to let us know that researches abound about the place of sizes of male organ in sexual fulfilment, especially for the women. There are those who say that size matters, and those who feel that size does not really matter

From the various explanations, I have reached a conclusion that is supportive of the two positions. Just like it’s a common saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I also want to conclude that size matters relatively to the one asserting it. That is, size matters based on the individual experience. The formed opinion is based on the satisfaction derived by individuals. If you have a husband with small size, and you derive great pleasure from your sexual relationship, you will not be bothered about the size issue. It will not matter to you; so “size does not matter,” will be your conclusion. Whereas, if you don’t derive pleasure from it, you may blame the small size for your woes, and thus conclude that size matters. The same can pass for the big size as well. That is why I agree with wives who say that their husbands have the right size for them. It is so because of the great pleasure they derive from their sexual experiences with their husbands.

From the foregoing, I am of the opinion that what matters most is the use to which one puts his organ in sexual relationship with his wife. How well you use it will determine the pleasure being derived by your wife, and that will form the opinion both of you have about sizes and sexual satisfaction.

Please note that the concerns about sizes are as a result of the expressed opinions of wives. Like one of my readers said, it was because his wife said he is small under that is causing him anxiety. Indeed, women rule the world. Once the wife says it, he believes it. Thus, it becomes a source of concern for him. The truth about this man’s situation is simply inability to give his wife sexual satisfaction. That is the basis of her complaint. She wants pleasure, but she is not getting it. So, she is looking for what to blame. And that is wisdom in the sense that she is not blaming the husband, but his natural endowment, for which he should not be held accountable.

Another issue about sizes is one arising from general talks about sex among friends of both sexes. Such discuss tends to make those endowed with big size to feel superior in bed to those who have small size. So, it forms an established opinion among them. But, in the final analysis, it all boils down to derivable pleasure. It’s not the size but pleasure that counts. Of what use is a big size that gives no pleasure? Or have you not heard of persons being abused as being “big for nothing”? Show me a husband who is a celebrity in bed with his wife, and I will tell you that husband is the one who gives great sexual pleasure to his wife. So what the wife is celebrating is the pleasure rather than the size. After all, I have heard of husbands who make their wives uncomfortable with the big size under. What song can one sing about this scenario?


What is size?

The issue of size also has two sides to it: length and width (breath). But, in most cases, people talk about size in terms of length. That’s why the average size of a man’s organ is stated as five to seven inches long, in the United States. In other climes and studies, the immediate attention is usually on the length. But research works have shown that females derive more pleasure from the width of the male organ than its length. For instance, “to study the effect of penis width vs length on female satisfaction, 50 sexually active undergraduate students were asked which felt better. The results: none reported they didn’t know, or that width and length were equally satisfying. A large majority, 45 of 50, reported that width was more important.”

The famous sex researchers, Masters and Johnson have also concluded that the size of the male organ can have no true physiological effect on female sexual satisfaction due to the discovery that,

Vagina adapts to fit the size of the male organ. It is elastic. Thus, despite the worries of many males about the size of the penis, Masters and Johnson concluded that “any size of penis will fit and provide adequate sexual stimulation to the female”.

The studies mentioned above, and many others are a testament to my position that what husbands should worry about is how to ensure great sex in the marriage.  It’s all about how much pleasure you can provide for your wife, rather than your size under. That is well stated in my book, “Enjoying Great Sex Life.”


Vagina pleasure points and size

Clitoral stimulation supports width of the male organ since it occurs as the husband thrusts into the wife during intercourse. The width allows for a greater degree of contact with the exterior of the vagina, inclusive of the clitoris area. The width of the penis also determines the feeling of fullness of the wife, which is key to her sexual satisfaction. The wider the better. Orgasm also occurs at this point.

G-spot in the vagina supports the length of the male organ as being of essence in sexual pleasure for the wife. To hit the G-spot, the penis has to go deep, and thus make orgasm to take place.

Wall of the vagina supports width of the penis position. This wall contains a lot of sensitive nerves that give pleasure to the wife, and thus, it is not how long the thrusting is, but how firm against the wall of the vagina.

All these pleasure points are crucial for a great sex life for a couple. It therefore must be the focus of the husband, rather than the size. Whatever size will get the job done if the husband knows how to use what he has. That is why studying about sexual skills is important. I wrote on avenues for such last week. I strongly recommend master class for this purpose. It’s a great innovation in this wise.

What about the size of the female organ and sexual fulfilment? Of course, there is a lot to be understood about it, and I may consider that with us next week. In fact, there is a lot about the female size that a couple must understand in order to get sexual satisfaction.

Let me also state here that sexual pleasure for a husband should not be seen as being down played here. The truth is that the husband doesn’t need any special attention to have pleasure in bed. It comes to him as he focuses on pleasuring his wife. It flows automatically to the husband as he pleasures his wife. Great sex is a mutual thing and not for the wife alone. A couple must work towards that mutual pleasure in the marriage.




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