In life, never stop self development — Dami the PRman

Having worked with many brands in public relations and currently the Chief Operating Officer for FarmFix, Investments, Oluwadamilola Oladehin is a man of many parts. In this interview with ROTIMI IGE, he speaks about his PR experiences, the need for constant self-development in an evolving society, among other topics.

Can we know more about you?

I am a Public Relations Executive with over a decade experience. Chief Marketing Officer at House Of Innova Communications, Nigeria. I am popularly called the PR man.

You mentioned that you are known as the PR Man. Tell us more about the brand.

Well, the name stuck becaause I projected it to the public. I wrote a speech for a particular CEO in this country, he checked it, rehearsed, and I had to cancel some things I dedicated time to write, though, he liked those things, but putting myself as a listener, we agreed. And in his words, he said ‘You’re the real PR man o’. PR is proper management of information between you and the public, so I must manage the flow well.

How many notable celebrities have you worked with and can you share your experience?

Plenty. But because of privacy, I won’t mention names. I love to work behind the scene most times, so, I have worked with comedians, CEOs, actors, government officials and notable brands.

Did your career start with public relations?

No! I started as a graphic designer. I moved to marketing, and I asked a mentor about PR, he referred me to Business School in the Netherlands, and the journey started about 13 years ago.

What has been the most challenging work you’ve done?

I developed a PR plan for an organisation, they implemented without me, and they got to the crossroads, I was willing to help out, but I was attending a certification class in Lagos. It was tough, challenging and I had to travel almost two weeks everyday for me to balance and manage the crisis for the organisation.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt over the course of your career?

Be yourself. Be original. Don’t stop developing yourself. Stay with God.

Apart from public relations, are you into any other business?

Oh yes! I’m a farmer, a strategist, a planner and ideas generator.

What project are you working on at the moment?

FarmFix is my newest project. I love this one because with my team, we are out to do two things; Food Security and Abundant Wealth. You can call me a farm fixer  and check us out online.

Which would you prefer – rice or wheat?

I will go for rice o. Especially the one from farmfix farm.

What advice do you have for youngsters who look up to you?

Don’t do more than yourself. Under promise, but over deliver. Keep improving.


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