Different destinies, dissimilar cups

The word destiny is culled from the word destination. Everyone has a destiny to fulfill. Everyone is on a journey to a pre-ordained destination of greatness and fulfillment. Everyone is on earth for a purpose, but sadly, not everyone will fulfill destiny in the midst of the earth. Many will not even discover theirs before the leave the planet earth for beyond here.

In this easy to understand piece, I want to show you something that is very profound—in a context of the issue of destiny. It is something that you cannot afford not to know if you truly want to fulfill destiny before you take your last lungful. Everyone who is fulfilling destiny on earth today knows it. I have taught this truth at many places. Not long, I decided to share it with you, too. Are you ready to journey with me? If yes, then let us go!

Destinies are not the same, so also the price we are going to pay to fulfill our varied destinies will not be the same. This is why you cannot afford to look at others to determine how fine you are doing. Many are depressed and are under unnecessary pressure today, because they are comparing themselves with others. Once again, your destinies are not the same, so it is incorrect to compare yourself with other folks.

Every destiny has a cup that the owner of it will need to be drinking from on a daily basis in order to fulfill it. Infact, there is nothing you can do that will stop you from drinking from your own cup of destiny. The cup I am talking about is the price you will need to be paying on a daily basis on the condition that you really want to fulfill destiny. God will strengthen and sustain you while you are drinking from it, but it is a must that you consistently drink from it, if you are going to fulfill destiny!

Ordinarily, everyone wants to avoid his own cup, because no one wants to deny himself or herself of comfort, without sacrificing his or her sleep, food…but the truth is, when it comes to destiny fulfillment, you cannot afford to avoid drinking from the cup of your own destiny. There is no one who does not love comfort. And comfort they say hinders and eventually stops people from fulfilling destiny. No one fulfills destiny without

Taking this crucial destiny issue further, amongst other sacrifices that you will need to pay, maybe the cup that you will need to drink from in order to fulfill destiny is to be for you to be kicked out of your father’s house by your brothers. And when it happens, you must not become bitter because of it. And you must not be offended. Nothing hinders a man/woman in life more than offences.

On the condition that you have the opportunity of dodging the cup of being ostracized by one’s family members, no one will want to drink from it, but when it comes to destiny, you cannot avoid it. It is a painful route, but you cannot afford to avoid it. To dodge it is not to fulfill destiny. It is important that you understand this truth.

Your own destiny-cup may be for you to drink from was the cup of betrayal, envy and hate from those very close to you. And those who will hate you will not be sworn enemies, but your own brothers and sisters. Those you once took sweet counsel together. This can be very painful, but remember, when it happens to you, you must not allow offences to find a place in your heart. You cannot afford to let offences slow you down on your way to fulfilling destiny. This is very important.

You own cup maybe to pay a huge price you got to pay for what you know nothing about. Can you imagine you drinking from the cup of disgrace, stigma and shame that you know nothing about? I am talking about some things happening to you, making people to jeer at you. And the only explanation you can give to it is that destiny is happening to you as it happened to Mary of this world, the mother of the man Jesus, carrying a controversial pregnancy…It was a price she needed to pay in order to fulfill her destiny. She needed to submit to her destiny when she said, “be it unto me, according to your word.” She was signing up for shame and being misunderstood! Kindly understand that the pathway to fulfilling destiny sometimes maybe—shame, insult and stigma that you know nothing about.

Your own cup maybe what others did that you did not do. Can you imagine being put to bed by a prostitute that everyone knows? You are going to suffer from shame that you know nothing about. People are going to call you a bastard. Many are going to jeer at you. How about being black in a nation where blacks are hated? You did not choose to be a black guy or girl. You are going to pay the price of being ridiculed. It is going to be a price that you need to pay that you cannot avoid. Remember, when destiny happens, you must not be offended. If you do not know how to handle offences, they are going to slow you down in life.

Lastly, it is the demand of destiny that makes people wish to have a change of destiny, but the truth is, there is no destiny that does not have a cup that one is going to be drinking from in order to fulfill it. You do not need to wish to have another man’s destiny, because you do not know the price that the person is daily paying. Till I come your way again next Monday, see you where men and women of destiny are found!




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