Why we repackaged Goldberg lager —NB Plc

THE need to conceptualise and execute ideas that perfectly blend  the beauty of tradition and culture, has been identified as one of the reasons that informed the decision to repackage Goldberg Beer, one of the lager brands in the stable of the Nigerian Breweries Plc.

The beer brand  made a phenomenal return with its new- look announced at the finale of the brand’s talent hunt competition, Ariya Repete, which held at the Ikeja City Mall, in Lagos, recently.

Aptly reborn with the theme, “The Mark of Respect,’’ Goldberg’s new look, according to  the Senior Brand Manager, Goldberg, Maria Shadeko, represents a rich cultural heritage,  celebrated amongst the South West Nigeria consumers who appreciate the true taste of enjoyment along with respect and dignity.

Speaking on why the unveil was made at the final showcase, the Senior Brand Manager, Goldberg, Maria Shadeko stated that the Ariya Repete event remained a  perfect place to make such a revered announcement, as the company plans to transform the mainstream space with Goldberg’s new direction.

Shadeko stated that the Goldberg brand embodies the culture of respect found among Yoruba people that predominantly live in Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo and Kwara states.

“It is specially prepared using a bottom-fermenting yeast prepared with golden standard. For beer connoisseurs, Goldberg’s new striking look is a visual appetizer that complements its core attribute of an “Omoluabi’’, that is, a good character,” Shadeko stated.