Wheat and diabetes patients

I am a diabetic patient who has been on medications for more than five years. Recently, my doctor advised me to replace my staple foods especially rice with wheat products. However, I am not comfortable with this because I like rice a lot. I am also scared about some of the things I have been reading about wheat. I will appreciate your kind advice on this.

Reuben (by SMS)


Studies have suggested that rice eating population are at high risk of diabetes. However, studies have also suggested that making wheat a staple diet in diabetics may give rise to some unpleasant health issues due to the gluten present in wheat. The way out is to advise that you should  continue with your staple food(after all they are staple for a reason) but cut down the calories i.e. reduce the amount and include more of raw vegetables in diet so that the fibres reduce sugar absorption. It is said that nature knows what your body needs. All you have to do is to reduce the quantity.