Is this menopause?

I am in my mid 50s and already having irregular periods with occasional hot flushes especially at night. Some of my friends suggested that I might be going into menopause. I am worried because my elder sister who is 4 years older than me still haves her normal periods.  Kindly educate me on what to do if it is true that I am going into menopause.

Kadijat (by SMS)


A change in your menstrual period may be what you will first notice when menopause arrives, therefore, it is very likely that what you have is actually menopause. In addition, women may have different signs or symptoms at menopause irrespective of age or filial connection. That’s because oestrogen is used by many parts of your body. As you have less oestrogen, you could have various symptoms.  Menopause is a stage in a person’s life and not a disease, therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Many women experience very mild symptoms that are easily treated by lifestyle changes, like avoiding caffeine or carrying a portable fan to use when a hot flash strikes. Some women don’t require any treatment at all. Other symptoms can be more problematic. Since menopausal symptoms may be caused by changing hormone levels, it is unpredictable how often women will have hot flashes and other symptoms and how severe they will be. Menopause requires no medical treatment. Instead, treatments focus on relieving your signs and symptoms and preventing or managing chronic conditions that may occur with aging. Talk with your doctor if these symptoms are interfering with your everyday life.