What I like about nature

Favour Adeyemo

There are so many things I like about nature. I like the sun and moon which give brightness and ensures our security. If God did not create sunlight and the moon, everywhere would have been dark and many bad things would have happened as a result of that. Flowers too are part of nature I appreciate because we use it for beatification.


Obalabi Omosogbe

I like rainbow because it is a covenant between God and Noah that He will not destroy the earth with water again; its colours too are fascinating. I like rain too, it grows plants. In addition to these, I like animals from which we get meat. It is interesting that animals live in water, on land, under the soil, on trees, etc.


Adebayo Beatrice

I like the stars that come out of the dark sky at night, they are very beautiful. I fall in love with the birds of the air too because of their sounds; their sounds are sweet to the ears like music. I like bees because they produce honey, cats because they are cute and dogs which are used as security. I also like trees because they produce fruits.


Damoye Aremu

I like flowers because of their good scents and beauty which come in different colours and shapes. It always interests me when I see flower buds bringing out beautiful flowers. God is great! I like dogs, especially puppies, because they are cute and fun to be with.

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