#TwitterBan: FG, Twitter issue will be resolved ― Lagos Commissioner

The Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Gbenga Omotosho has said that both the Federal Government and the microblogging platform, Twitter will resolve their differences.

Omotosho expressed this optimism during the 2nd Edition of the Social Media Hangout held on Sunday in Lagos.

Tribune Online reported that the Federal Government placed a suspension on the microblogging site, Twitter after the latter deleted President Muhammad Buhari’s post having labelled it as sensitive.

The Commissioner explained that the Federal Government suspended Twitter but did not place a ban as it is widely circulated.

He further explained that the Federal Government felt that Twitter did something wrong by putting down its tweet; hence, it came hard on the site.

Meanwhile, Gbenga said the suspension made people come to the realisation that the microblogging site is very powerful even as they never expected government could come so hard on it.

“On the Twitter issue, I think it is something that will be resolved. I mean you can have two people quarrelling but will be settled in no time.

“I never knew or heard of the Twitter ban in Nigeria but a temporary suspension.

“I think the government felt Twitter did something wrong by taking down its tweet and the government used its power and came hard on Twitter.

“Most people never felt that Twitter is something that can make the government so angry to slam its suspension on Twitter. They now see it as very powerful too.” Gbenga said.

The Convener, Social Media Hangout, Florence Hungbo explained that the need for journalists to come together and be their own voices informed the rationale behind the platform.

Florence, who is popularly referred to as Bodex, said that stakeholders tend to adore and respect journalists as newsmakers and breakers when there is constant engagement.

“I hate the fact that some journalists are being treated somehow. So, I felt it is high time we be our own voices.

“It seems all the journalists are scattered. I feel we should come together so that other stakeholders can respect us, adore us and know that we are the newsmakers and breakers.” She said.


We Have Not Had Water Supply In Months ― Abeokuta Residents

In spite of the huge investment in the water sector by the government and international organisations, water scarcity has grown to become a perennial nightmare for residents of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.  FG, Twitter issue will be resolved  ;  FG, Twitter issue will be resolved ;  FG, Twitter issue will be resolved  ;  FG, Twitter issue will be resolved.

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