Once upon a country and its pompous lawmakers

AS the deadly Corona Virus pandemic continues to rip through the hearts of nations around the world, with over 308,050 already affected and 13,050 deaths recorded globally, nations have been thrown into frenzy with various governments announcing different measures to prevent its further spread.

In preventing the spread of this scourge, government of every nation backed by those in high positions such as the politicians and technocrats have come together to support all actions that can protect lives of the general citizens.

In places like Europe, Asia and America, those in high places willingly lead the fight against the spread of the disease by subjecting themselves to all safety measures to not only eradicate but also to prevent more lives from the scourge.

Unfortunately, the fears and uncertainty the virus has created in Nigeria due to the numbers of victims would have been avoided if the government had been a little bit more proactive by shutting down the airports earlier, after all the virus was imported into Nigeria through the airports.

While all efforts are ongoing to tackle this virus headlong at this moment, it is only sensible for everyone to help the government by complying with all the preventive measures being introduced.


Sadly, it is those who should lead by example in Nigeria that are flouting such critical safety measures just because they believe they are above the laws of the land, forgetting that their lives are not different from the lives of ordinary Nigerians who even voted them into the positions they occupy.

This brings to the fore the recent shameful attitude of some of the House of Representative members who were accused of failing to comply with the corona virus screening exercise at the airports.

The lawmakers, particularly those who had recently embarked on foreign trips had been directed to submit themselves to screenings in other to ascertain their health status for the sake of protecting the lives of other Nigerians at large.

Suffering from a life of deceit and above the law plague that often gets to their heads when they are in positions of power, they unintelligently shunned the directive without thinking that Coronavirus does not recognise any status.

This act of recklessness is not just starting as many of this so called public office holders out of power drunkenness often display their disregard to the laws in places like airports where they refuse to obey simple safety instructions like subjecting themselves to screening by airport officials. This has continued to portray the country in bad light before other nations.

Funny enough, this group of people dare not disobey similar rules in Ghana not to talk of places like Europe and America where they rush to every minute with members of their families.

This act of gross indiscipline spells double tragedy for poor Nigerians, who have no money to junket around the globe like they do, will now have their lives put on the edge by a few privileged group who travel for pleasure to where this disease break out and still refuse to obey simple screening.

Obviously, this set of people may have contributed to mounting pressures on government to delay the closure of the airports to international lights for selfish reasons which the entire country is now suffering for as seen in the number of increase of COVID-19 carriers.

In a normal clime, the affected lawmakers or any other person who try to sabotage any of these measures like safety screening at this time under the disgusting excuse of a big man syndrome should be tagged as the enemies of Nigeria and should be treated so.

Above all, the time has come for those who count themselves to be too big to obey the rules guiding against safe air travel such as screening at the airports in Nigeria to remain in their homes or simply obey. Aviation rules are made for both high and low irrespective of your position.

It is very sad that here in Nigeria, it is those who should serve as good examples that are dragging the country down.

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