On political distractions

Nigerian political activities have shadowed the real extent of the submission of rights to the leaders. Politics should be the means to an end but it has become the end itself in recent times. The bedrock of politics should be the medium to make resources circulate to all parts of the country but it’s unfortunate the politics itself has succeeded in shocking and blocking the free transmission of the resources to the grassroots level, who are the people that need it to survive and make life better for themselves.

The amount of attention given to the politics itself has made room for corruption and crime to ravage continually the essence of the nation. Everything is basically politicized neglecting the fact that people need the administrative part of the government more than the politics itself. A good administrator will always be preferable to any acclaimed politician, because he understands the perfect theoretical and practical aspect of administration more than someone who was picked to run for a political position to settle political scores.

The strategies most governments put in place in many states in Nigeria show that they prefer citizens to be voting than receiving the dividends of voting. The periodic election now stands in place of empowerment where people anticipate election like Christmas or Sallah celebration because they believe and are sure that it is the only time politicians mostly care about the citizens.

This mentality must change if development will come to stay in Nigeria. Many developed nations around the world believe citizens’ welfare comes first, which makes it easier for them to implement progressive plans and policies for the betterment of their nation because a replete person obeys laws more often than the famished ones.

The political activities like rallies, party functions, ceremonial duties, trips to foreign countries have made most of the governance look shabby in Nigeria; no innovations or something spectacular that differentiate the present from those that left the office. Salary payment now stand in place of achievement in political offices. Votes don’t count not because the preferred candidate lost but the ordained candidate didn’t deliver as expected.

The major political dilemma is not always from the opposition parties alone but the inner crisis of the ruling party is colossal on its own. No administration can withstand the threat of defection cross carpeting in a political environment; it always destabilizes and shifts attention from the core to minor in political scale of preference which positions the masses at the losing end of the game.

Nigerian politicians and Africa at large should understand and realize that the main reason politics is important is to render service and develop the economy; they should redesign their agenda to be masses-friendly through the creation of job opportunities, social infrastructures, agricultural development, sound, and good educational system and qualitative health care services.


Oluwaseun Felix Ajayi





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