On Nigeria’s economy

Why is it difficult for the Federal Government to fix our economy? How long will it take the Federal Government to bring senseless killing and kidnapping in Nigeria to an end? President Muhammadu Buhari has the political power given to him by millions of Nigerians to protect lives and property; it is expected that government will remove non performing ministers and replace them with young and brilliant men.

A typical example of this is the good work AbdulRasheed Bawa, the EFCC chairman is doing that has made Nigerian youths proud of him; he is physically and mentally fit to handle his portfolio.

President Buhari should appoint more brilliant Nigerian youths into his cabinet to curb the seeming cluelessness going on in the corridors of power. Nigeria is going through a rough time politically and economically because some of our leaders who are expected to fight for the poor citizens are only after their pockets.

To build a better, corruption-free Nigeria and to restore our nation to its lost glory of integrity, honesty and selflessness, all our leaders have great parts and roles to play. Over the years, Nigeria’s economy has been poorly managed; we all know how much modules of rice and beans cost now. The rising cost or basic commodities in Nigeria is alarming and many Nigerians are dying silently of hunger.

The price of the Naira to one a dollar is now over N500; this is outrageous and the Federal Government must act fast. A huge external debt has been accumulated and it continues to increase as the Federal Government is still planning to borrow more money. Will Nigeria be able to pay back the huge debt on her neck? We must not kill Nigeria with debt. We must not forget the interest to be paid on each loan.

Good governance demands accountability. In view of this, I want to make a passionate appeal to President Buhari to appoint young and brilliant professors of economics into his cabinet and allow them to fix our economy.

Barrister Jimoh  Mumin,



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