My snoring problem

I am a 45 year old man. My problem is that I snore heavily and it is affecting my marriage because my wife is seriously complaining. Kindly help me.

Ibukun (by SMS)


Snoring can be due to several factors such as blocked airways, obesity, as well as issues with the structure of the mouth, nose, or throat as well as sleep deprivation. In other cases, snoring may be caused simply by sleeping on the back or drinking alcohol too close to bedtime.  Commonly used remedies to treat snoring and its various causes include weight loss for those who are overweight, sleeping on your side may be all you need to do to allow air to flow easily and reduce or stop your snoring, elevating the head of your bed by four inches may help reduce your snoring by keeping your airways open while the use of nasal strips or an external nasal dilator can make your breathing more effective and reduce or eliminate your snoring. Those with chronic allergies should treat them while consumption of alcohol and sedatives especially close to bedtime should be avoided. Smoking for those who do so must be avoided while you should endeavour to have the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep you need each night.

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