My sagging breasts

I am a 28- year- old spinster whom has been sexually exposed for some time. Even though considered to be very beautiful, my sagging breasts are not making me happy. Kindly let me know what to make them go up again.

Georgina (by SMS)


At 26, without having breast-fed any baby, your breasts may sag due to weight gain and loss as well as some life style habits such as excessive smoking, alcohol intake, the use of non-prescribed drugs and multiple and frequent sex partners.  To firm up sagging breasts, massage with olive oil, apply aloe vera gel, and moisturize your breasts. Try chest exercises like pushup, barbell press, and dumbbell chest press to strengthen your chest muscles. If you smoke, you have to quit smoking to prevent elastin and collagen breakdown in breast skin. Also, clean up on any adverse life style habit you may be involved in. And most importantly, get the right bras for general wear and for working out.


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