I need a bigger penis

I have a very small penis that most times I can’t stand among my friends to talk about women. I have ordered for ‘Turbo Max Blue’ which am told, is very good for enlarging one’s penis. Let me know if this is good enough for me or if I need something else to make my penis bigger. Please help me urgently.

Gideon (by SMS)

Court slates October 2 to hear Lai Mohammed over alleged N2.5bn NBC fraud

From my investigations, I discovered that Turbo Max Blue are patches that, according to the manufacturer, contribute to improve sexual performance. This occurs because of increased blood flow to the penis with attendant penis enlargement and erection leading to a stronger sexual performance. However, not everybody that uses the product is happy with the result with some users claiming that they didn’t notice any improvement in their penis after using the product for a long time. This kind of ambivalent report has generally characterised many of the so-called Penis enhancers that are regularly advertised in the media making one to wonder if their use is necessary in the first instance. This boils down to the fact that one should just use one’s God given Penis to the best of one’s ability instead of chasing phantom solutions.

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