I have anal tag

I have been battling what a doctor I saw in 2018 called an ‘Anal Tag’.  It is a skin (maybe a flesh too) which makes me have constipations. It causes no pain on its own (only when I pass out hard stools). I feel my belly is somehow stuffy and airtight (Like I always want to fart but can’t).

My anus is so tiny that not even my ring finger or index finger could go through (it). The doctor’s advice was: “take vegetables and fruits and it will heal by itself”. Unfortunately, it just got worse. I really don’t know what to do ( I can’t even discuss it with someone). It makes me very unhappy. I don’t know any proctologist to see. Please I’d like to know what (you recommend)  I should do. Is there panacea for it (other than surgery)? (if no), can I have a spotless surgery without any signs left (as I want to join the Navy)? These and many other questions run through my mind always. Please help me!

Aminu (by SMS)

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An Anal Tag is caused when a blood vessel near the anus swells or becomes enlarged. This is because the extra skin remains even after the swelling has gone down. If you’ve had haemorrhoids or other blood vessel conditions around the anus, you may be more likely to develop anal skin tags.

Since your problem is still unsolved after your doctor’s intervention, it will be a good idea to see a specialist surgeon who will order for more investigations that will confirm the real causes of your anal skin tag. Such causes could range from a haemorrhoid, tumour, cancer or blood clot.

Procedures such as anoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy  as well as a Biopsy can help rule out any such underlying rectal conditions. Once a diagnosis is made, your doctor can begin discussing your treatment options.


Nigerian Tribune

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