How we are changing the digital learning and development space — Alula boss

With the COVID-19 pandemic onslaught pushing businesses and economic activities to become digital, a fast-rising digital platform, Alula Learning, appears to be positioning itself as the go-to platform for solutions to online learning and development.

Speaking, Chief Executive Officer of Alula Learning, Chibuikem Nwani, expressed that his company is driven by the objective to ensure that human learning and development become as seamless and interactive as possible, especially in the face of a pandemic.

“The ability to learn is the core of our being as humans, and as progressive beings, we always seek better ways of doing everything, including learning. Alula Learning, therefore, exists to provide innovative ways on making learning processes seamless for both educators and learners.

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Speaking further on the launch of Hekima, their new digital product, Nwani disclosed that Hekima would help take digital learning to the next level.

“Hekima is our hosting platform that allows instructors, teachers and facilitators host their tranings and programmes online.

Learners and trainers are not bound by location and restriction. With its low cost and real-time monitoring, Hekima offers what many other platforms don’t.”

With Hekima already being touted as the next big thing in the digital learning space, Nwani adds that this company remains committed to providing lasting solutions to the challenges in the learning and development space using technology.


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