Environment Trust hosts fire safety tour for schools


THE Child Health Environment and Safety Trust (CHEST) has hosted a number of secondary schools to a fire safety tour as part of its mission to promote children’s access to a healthy and safe environment.

The event took place at the University of Ibadan Fire Service station, Ibadan, where a number of students from secondary schools in Ibadan were educated on fire prevention and how to effectively deal with a fire incident.

Organiser of the event, Prof Godson Ana who runs CHEST, said the event is to commemorate the Safety Week that ran from June 1 to 7, and to stem the tide of fire outbreaks nationwide. “We are interested in taking the tenets of environmental safety to the grassroot. Today, we are focusing on fire hazard prevention and management, at the household level, the school environment and in the neighbourhood.”

He expressed hope that the children will grow the knowledge they receive and build on the skills as they mature. “The essence is to expose these children when they are very young to the vital things that can support life.”

Professor Ana added there was need to re-orientate and prioritise fire services at the state and federal level. He said the fire services require more funding and motivation.

Mr Olasukanmi James, a principal fire officer at the University of Ibadan Fire Service station, said it was necessary to create awareness among children so that at they can know how to fight a small fire in their homes. He said that government is making effort to improve the service. He urged Nigerians to be conscious about actions such as overloading electric sockets, and leaving cooking fires unattended to in order to prevent domestic fire outbreaks.



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