A Remarkable Tech Blogger with a Noble Aim to Raise Tech Awareness in the world – Rashed Ali Almansoori

Born in March 1991 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi,Rashed Ali Almansoori not only grew up to be one of the largest digital creators and tech influencers/innovators of this time.As the brilliant young man is also taking the world of journalism by storm as a leading contributor in Al-Bayan newspaper: top newspaper in the UAE. What is enticing about the young man’s story is that there is even more to unfold, in whicha glimpse of this talented man remarkable story will be covered in this article, it is no coincidence that he gained worldwide spotlights from international news and magazines for his great achievements.

His constant presence in the news is for all the good reasons as a leading tech expert that is spreading awareness not only among his country’s community but also communities of other countries due to his continuous hard work, dedication and most importantly brilliant mind coupled with love for helping others.

How did this all get started?

According to Mr. Almansoori his love for tech was engraved within him since childhood as he stated to the Bangkokpost“My love for technology started as long ago as I can remember. It developed into a passion, to the point that I was determined that tech would become part of my life when I grew up.” He went on to major in IT. Needless to say that Rashed has actually made his childhood dream a reality and went beyond that, he is currently one of the most followed digital creators/influencers in the Middle east amassing 300000 followers in just Instagram. He also gained a tremendous popularity on Snapchat where the snapchat verified star did not come out of nowhere, particularly that Rashed unlike most influencers is providing benefit to the people.

Merging his love for technology and love for helping people

Rashed has under his belt an impressive array of initiatives and innovation. One such innovation is UTAG, this small yet effective smart chip was intelligently developed to help people in a sensitive and crucial time such as the global crisis to facilitate remote communication. In which he combined his love for tech with his passion for helping people “For me to make a profound impact on people’s lives and do it with my innovations in tech was something I always wanted to do.”

Making UAE proud

Rashed as a child has always wanted to raise his country’s flag high among leading nations in Tech and today, he excelled this goal. As UAE’s digital world is currently leading thanks to the likes of Rashed, that used the opportunity the government has given him in the best way and shape possible to revolutionize the IT scene. As he clearly states “My country has given me the opportunity to grow and develop, and it is a pleasure for me to give back to my beautiful nation through the thing I love, and it is tech”


Leading the way

Rashed’s courage to be one of the first tech bloggers in the region, is a living proof that youngsters can lead prominent industries of the world. He has successfully paved the way for the younger generation to follow suit. His accomplishment and hardwork has proved that hard work and consistency can get you fame that will be remembered in people’s good books no matter what you do.

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