Defecation in open spaces

The rate at which people both men and women defecate openly in the country is alarming. Currently, Nigeria has been confirmed to be the country with the second highest number of people who defecate openly in the world. I will appreciate it if you can kindly bring this menace to the attention of the government.

P A Adeoti (by SMS)

It is true that with an estimated 48 million Nigerians practising open defecation, Nigeria is now the country with the second highest number of people (behind India) in the world who defecate openly. It is equally believed that by the time India becomes open defecation-free in October 2019, Nigeria will become the number one open defecation country in the world. While government (Federal, State and Local) certainly have an important role to play in the provision of public toilets in the country, some landlords who refuse to provide toilets in their houses as well as fraudulent government officials who approve building plans without toilet facilities, are also part of the problem. More worrisome are some government and private offices with badly maintained toilet facilities. From the foregoing, it is therefore obvious that the solution to the problem of open defecation lies with us all.