Is this toilet infection?

I have been having some itching and vaginal discharge since I started a new job where I have had to use the toilet unlike my previous job where I don’t use the toilet. My friends attributed the infection as having come from the toilet, but my sister who is a nurse disagrees because she does not believe that there is anything called ‘Toilet Infection’. Kindly explain if toilet infection actually exists and how to treat and avoid it.

Yemisi (by SMS)

Despite the absence of any medical evidence that anyone has ever picked up a venereal disease from a toilet seat, the myth of infections from the toilet still persists. This is why many people especially women, fear toilet seats. While some usually crouch over public toilets while urinating, a smaller number usually cover the seats with toilet paper. The truth however is that toilet seats are relatively low risk compared to many other surfaces. Infact, skin is an effective germ barrier, and the skin of the buttocks and legs is relatively thick. Careful hand washing with soap and water is the best defence while antiseptic wipes — easily purchased in pocket-sized packets — have been shown to reduce germs on toilet seats by 50-fold.