Dangers of premarital sex

PREMARITAL sex is trending in the country. It is an ungodly act. Premarital sex is perhaps one of the greatest problems confronting our society today. It is rampant among the teenagers and it destroys lives.

Many teenagers become victims due to the lack of parental care. Many teenagers do not even bother to heed their parents’ directives. Many are from broken homes.

It is unbelievable to hear that teachers in some government schools also condone or even promote premarital sex. Male teachers  ask their female students out on a date.

Teenagers and their parents need to become aware of the negative effects of premarital sexual intercourse.

It is a risky behaviour as someone under the age of 20 is less financially and emotionally ready to handle the consequences of sex than someone older. The impact of teenage intercourse can affect families for many years.

Beginning sexual activity before the age of 20 is a risk factor for developing cervical cancer later in life.

Teenagers are vulnerable to acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

Premature sex can be stopped in our society only if parents adopt good parenting methods. They should create time for their children and also have heart-to-heart talks with them.

School authorities, on their part, should be ready to discipline any reported male teacher harassing the teenage girls.

Aderibigbe Tobi

Eruwa, Ibadan


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