COVID-19: What the world must do —Primate Ayodele

Senior prophet and founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, with headquarters in Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele has called on the world to be more attentive to prophecies and spiritual warnings, just as he called for three days of prayer and fasting in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

A visibly displeased Primate Ayodele told Churchnews that “In March, 2019, in my book titled ‘Warning to the Nations,’ there is a section on global world at large. On page 193 of that book, I said that the Spirit of God told me that there will be natural disasters in various regions of the world and a disease that will be a pandemic will trouble world leaders and governments. I said in that book that it will trouble countries like the United States, China and United Kingdom.

“In November last year, God revealed to me that we should pray against a certain sickness which would be coming from China. Now it has happened. God said I should give out anointed water and anointed oil to affected countries. These will be given out free of charge.”

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Known for his prophetic insight, Primate Ayodele stated that some of his published prophecies which have come to pass between December 23, 2019 and now include “the fight between Iran and America; the coronavirus pandemic; that not all governors would finish their terms;

PDP’s electoral victory in Bayelsa’s gubernatorial election; the travails of Oshiomhole; the crash in oil price; the dethronement of the Emir of Kano; the attacks on soldiers by Boko Haram; the death of Pa Kasumu; the problem between the NFF and the coach of the Super Eagles; and the Abule Ado explosion.”

Primate Ayodele added that for a long time, many fake pastors had deceived the world while claiming to perform miracles. “I am disappointed in other pastors who claim to be healers and miracle workers. I think this is the right time for them to showcase that power that they claim to have. All these foreigners who claimed to have brought healing to us should have gone around the world healing countries where infected people are. Why are they afraid? It is because many of these pastors, prophets, apostles are deceiving the world. Some of them even claimed that the virus has been cleared spiritually. But we are yet to see it physically. What is done in the spirit world will definitely manifest in the physical world. Enough of all these jokes! The Lord said the whole world should declare three days of prayer and fasting. It is beyond the capacities of doctors. It is our sin. Where are the countries that are regarded as the world powers,” he asked.



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