Becoming generational conscious

THE only things many parents are under pressure to leave behind for their children are assets. Infact, many people in Nigeria are struggling and killing themselves to do this! This is one of the major reasons many political leaders have been milking Nigeria for decades. They are daily amassing wealth, so they could leave it behind for their children.

They are amassing wealth at the expense of the value of a good name that opens doors for successive generations. They are rich, but when they die, at the mention of their names, doors get shut! They leave a lot of assets behind without an access to places and people of influence and affluence, so to survive, their children are now selling their assets for cheap.

An apprentice and trainee died poor, but while he was alive, he was very committed to his master and he did fear God. Please understand me that I am not writing to justify being poor and pitiable. This is not the goal of this piece and article. My assignment here is to unveil what money is not strong enough to handle. I am writing on being conscious of generations coming behind us in everything we are doing right now. Remember, what you are doing now will either open a door or doors—for those coming behind you or make life difficult for them in their time.

What the trainee in this synoptic story left behind for his wife and children was an access to someone who represented God on earth. I am talking about “Elisha.” Again, what are you doing right now that will cause you to leave an access behind for your family? Are you really serving God? And do you really fear God? Serving and fearing God created an access for his family, when he was no more alive. Once the wife mentioned his name to “Elijah”, the door to the man of God opened and the problem she was having got solved. Will your name be able to open doors for your children in the days to come or push opportunities away from them?

Also, the seed of kindness, love and loyalty that Jonathan did sow was reaped by “Mephibosheth.” “Jonathan” created a legacy of access for Mephibosheth. Jonathan was very kind to “David.” Access to the corridors of power was granted to Mephibosheth for the sake of Jonathan! Mephibosheth was shown kindness for Jonathan’s sake! Just one act of kindness shown to him, he ate at the king’s table continually till he died.

Let me take this issue a little further, where you sacrifice (sacrifice is what costs) becomes an access-point for generations after you to download from in their day. Most times, in politics, appointments are made, considering the sacrifice of people’s fathers and mothers—when they were alive. A few days ago, a young Speaker emerged in Oyo State, not because of his brilliance, but because of the seed his father planted many years ago! His father left behind a legacy of access for him.

Also, God showed up (not only because of what he gave) at “Gibeon” overnight, imparting wisdom into the heart of Solomon, because an access-point had been created in the spirit at Gibeon. Remember, “Moses” built the Tabernacle of the Lord at Gibeon. “Joshua” commanded the sun to stand still over Gibeon. David was also at Gibeon before Solomon! This is why you must not disconnect yourself from your own faith-lineage. You must follow very closely those ahead of you. You must follow your spiritual leaders very closely. There are things you can only receive by following those ahead of you. Do not listen to what unwise people are teaching on social media. Mantles are transferred by following, they are not received online. Leadership baton is passed unto you when you follow relevant people very closely. Mantles do not fall on those whom follow from afar!

Joseph would later find himself at “Shechem”, because Shechem was an access-point. Abraham made this happen in his days! And because it was an access-point, help showed up for him! Joseph would have died, wandering if Abraham hadn’t created an access-point called Shechem. Many are wandering today because they are not putting their legs where their spiritual-parents are putting theirs. May you never labor in vain, bringing forth for trouble!

Also, Abraham was first at “Gerar” before “Isaac” went there. When Isaac stepped into where his father was, God showed up. God showed up, not because of Isaac, but God showed up because of Abraham. It was at Gerar Abraham had a terrific encounter with God, praying for a whole household, healing them all. Father and mother can create an access-point in the Spirit for their children. Later, God blessed Isaac, because of Abraham! When you create an access in the Spirit, your children becomes blessed because of you. God shows up in their favor, not because of them, but because of you.

How do you create an access for your children? I am unveiling two categories of commanded-company of people. First category, “Ravens” here is an allegory of a commanded-company of people who come together to “feed” those who are at the cutting-edge of what God is doing in the midst of the earth. Second category, the “widow of Zarephath” is also an allegory of a commanded-company of people who come together to “sustain” those who are sent by God on purpose to the planet-earth. I know as I am declaring the mind of God right now, you will rise in obedience and decide that, every month, I shall be contributing to either “feed or sustain” at least a servant of God in the ministry God has committed into his or her hands. When you do this, two things will definitely happen:

First, when men say there is a casting down for them in a context of resources, you would say there is a lifting up for you. You will have “flour and oil” when others do not have. Second, you will create an access (in the spirit) for your children and in their time, they are going to reap where they never bestowed any labor! And before they kneel to pray, God will show up in their favor, solving problems that money cannot handle for them!

Lastly, there is no one who is—waxing very strong and doing valiantly, in the faith, who is not benefiting from an access in the Spirit and who is not creating an access-point for those coming behind either him or her. If you pass on today, are you leaving mere assets behind for generations after you—that is devoid of the real thing—an access to people and places of influence and affluence? Till I come your way again next week, see you where influential leaders are found!