Bayelsa guber: Dickson should call aides to order over persistent attacks on Jonathan

The Bayelsa Integrity Group has urged Seriake Henry Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State to stop his aides from further attack on ex-president Goodluck Jonathan over the 2019 governorship election in the state.

Ebi Dressman, coordinator of the group made this in a press statement to newsmen in Yenagoa on Tuesday.

The statement reads in full;

The Bayelsa Integrity Group, wishes to state for posterity sake that it is indeed disturbed that a failed tactic is being deployed by the Bayelsa State Governor for the upcoming governorship elections. In the desperate bid to project himself and his interests above others in the state, especially as the race to select his successor heats up, the Governor may have inadvertently turned himself into a cheap vehicle for certain selfish interests in the electioneering process.

We have it on good authority that those the Governor had commissioned to defend his policies and political interests are wilfully taking advantage of the mandate to cause more problems for him. They do that by persistently pouring venom on his perceived political enemies, believing that further alienating the Governor from acknowledged power bases will pave the way for their easy emergence.

The key player of this game is the Commissioner in charge of a prominent ministry that projects the policies and projects of the government who is nursing an ambition to become the Deputy Governor of the state. For that he has been sowing the seeds of discord among the party leadership in the state, through malicious press statements that purvey fictitious falsehoods against the person of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Former President Jonathan, since he left office, has dedicated himself to serve humanity and promote peaceful coexistence among peoples as a panacea for development. His interests as a Nigerian has become subservient to his role as an elder statesman, hence his political engagements have been limited to pushing for the PDP, on whose platform he was given the opportunity to serve Nigerians, to be successful and continue to grow in strength and unity for democracy to thrive in Nigeria.

Governor Dickson would be well advised to leave the stage when the ovation hos loudest, by not allowing himself to be a vehicle to drive baseless ambitions of his sidekicks, under the false hope that he would become a godfather. Godfatherism has no place whatsoever in the politics of Bayelsa, as history has always shown that decisions are reached by consensus and compromise for the good of the state, which has always endeared the people to the PDP above any other political conclave in the state.

Governor Dickson must not forget the battles that brought him into office, and the sacrifices made by many stakeholders in the state, even in the face of the unusual deployment of federal might against the people.

The continued success of the PDP in the state is dependent on all stakeholders being given free room to express their opinions and the process of selecting its flag bearer being fair, open and equitable. These characters, in the so called restoration team, would do well to understand that their parochial interests, pale into insignificance against the force that the PDP will be confronting in the election of November 16.

The good people of Bayelsa will continue to be with the PDP, as the party has best captured diverse interests in the Nigerian political space. But the party leadership in Bayelsa must not take this for granted and try to ride roughshod over their will and choices, as they will revolt with their votes.

The PDP is on the upswing and the leadership of the party in Bayelsa must sustain this momentum by ensuring the state remains in the fold, rather than testing the will of the masses by fielding puppet candidates.

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