Why I’m energetic on stage —Haekins

You are being rated as one of the artistes with contagious energy on stage, tell us more about your strenght and music experience?

I’m really energetic on stage. I try as much as possible to be myself and let my music speak for me, carry the crowd. I love to perform a lot.


What was that thing that made you love music and why you chose music as your main stay?

Music was very natural for me. Where I grew up, my family, my friends played a major role. I used to be a choir at church; even at school I was a star back then. So all that had prepared me for this stage I have found myself today. I believe in my craft more now.


Since you got signed to Sky Rise Entertainment, the buzz around you has kept growing and people are wondering how you managed to pull the deal through?

Since I got signed under Skyrise Entertainment, it became official for the first time after I had tried to break through the music scene. I actualy got discovered by my label on Instagram.


As a young artiste with so much passion and zeal, how often do you settle down to write your songs?

I try as much as possible to take my time with my Music cause I’ve always wanted to be the best at anything I do, so even if my dad had other dreams for me, like being a lawyer or a doctor, when he saw the zeal and passion I had for music he supports me.


Many artistes like to buy their songs, is your case different?

My case is totally different because at a time before I got signed, I wrote songs for other artistes too.


Looking at the success you have recorded with your two songs in the last few months, would you say you are ready for the big stage?

I’m totally ready for the big stage. I’m grateful to God for every great opportunity coming my way and the strength to scale through

How familiar are you with the industry and what makes you think yours would be different from others who dropped one hit song and failed to live up?

I wound say I’m fully familiar with the industry because there’s always something new to learn, but I know for sure, perseverance, consistency, hard work would get me where I want to be. I’m fully prepared. I think what stands me out is my voice, my looks and my energy. I hope to keep the fire burning for as long as I’m able to, because I’m still very young and vibrant, so I’d be here as long as I’m alive


You seem to have achieved more in a short time. You have good videos, nice songs and people are loving your style. How long do you hope to keep this momentum going?

My biggest aspiration would be to satisfy my soul and harbour no regrets. I want to be free and happy. I believe I’m achieving my dreams already; I’m not just close, but still there’s a lot more to achieve and with God.


You have dropped SISTER Teni and Expression. You also had its remix with Mayorkun. Tell us more about these songs and what your fans should expect more?

My debut single “Sister Teni ” was recorded last year and it got people talking and asking for more, but it doesn’t have a video yet. Later, I dropped Expressions and it was a bang. Now, the remix is out with Mayorkun but I want my fans to expect more from me. I was featured on a song with MNE’s TClassic, Terri Starboy and Perruzi from DMW where I took the hook on the song, entitled: Kana


Why did you choose Mayorkun for the remix?

The remix of my song Expressions wasn’t something I knew would happen because Mayorkun is an artiste I have always wanted to meet. It happened when I started seeing videos of ICHABA of DMW playing my song at Mayorkun’s house. So, one time,  I was at the studio recording I got a message from my manager saying Mayorkun wanted to feature on my song and at that time he was working on his album (T.M.O.L) so we had to wait a couple of weeks till he did  a verse in the song and it came out as a bang.


Tell us about your growing up and how it helped you become who you are today?

Growing up for me was adventurous because I had lived in almost all the streets in the city of Lagos. I also had to travel to my home town, Akure in Ondo State for a while, so all these experiences shaped me to whom I am and affected my music positively